Meet the Executive Team

Michael Atkinson, Executive Director
Michael Atkinson

Michael Atkinson’s entire academic career has involved public policy and political institutions as a researcher, teacher and commentator. He began in a conventional way, working mostly on parliamentary institutions in the Canadian provinces and at the federal level. In the 1980s his energies shifted toward public policy, especially industrial policy, and he co-authored, with William Coleman, papers and a UT Press book that argued for a policy networks approach within a political economy framework. In the 1990s Atkinson shifted once again, this time toward the study of political corruption and political ethics. His interest in this topic goes back to graduate student days, but he has pursued it with more attention during the last several years, seeking answers to behavioural questions. In the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School these various strands of work have come together. Research with his colleague Murray Fulton has emphasized a behavioural economics approach to public sector management issues, such as compensation, and to political ethics; his teaching has alternated between public administration and higher education policy. As executive director, he has been able to draw on his experience as the provost of the University of Saskatchewan to facilitate relations with government and help establish the school as a genuine collaboration between the provinces’ two universities.

Contact information:

Phone: (306) 966-1984

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Kathleen McNutt, Director, U of R campus
Kathleen McNutt

As director at the JSGS U of R campus, Kathleen's current research interests focus on digital government, climate policy and energy. She is currently embarking on a research program looking at the impact of social media on policy processes, the public sector and governance. In addition, she is examining the potential of integrated digital strategies (web, mobile, social media) to improve public engagement. McNutt regularly facilitates workshops for the school's executive training program. Kathleen teaches various public policy courses at the school including policy analysis, advanced policy analysis, program evaluation and gender based analysis. She has recently been published in such academic journals as Governance, Energy Policy, Internet and Policy, Journal of Information Technology & Politics, Canadian Public Policy, and Canadian Journal of Political Sciences.

Contact information:

Phone: (306) 585-4759

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Wynne Young, Director, Outreach & Training
Wynne Young

Prior to joining the JSGS, Wynne Young served as deputy minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour, the Ministry of Education (formerly Saskatchewan Learning), the Ministry of Social Services (formerly Community Resources and Employment), and as the chair of the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission. She has held various senior level policy and management positions in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, and was appointed as a senior policy advisor in the Policy and Planning Unit of Executive Council. With approximately 29 years of experience with the Government of Saskatchewan, Young is considered one of the government’s longest serving deputy ministers, having devoted 16 years in that capacity.

Wynne has also served as the national president of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, and as the chair of the IPAC National Research and Professional Practices Committee and the IPAC International Committee. She has extensive experience in working with governments of new democracies (e.g., Uganda, Kenya, Free State (South Africa), Namibia, Tanzania, Mozambique) to help build their public service capacity. Personally, she has also served as the president of her Regina YMCA chapter and is currently a board member of the National Board of the YMCA.

Contact information:

Phone: (306) 585-4230

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