Student Testimonials

The Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School provides students with the theoretical, practical, participative and hands-on experience requierd for career success within the public service and academia. Click here to learn more about our programs.

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"I began the online Masters of Health Administration program through the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy with 18 years of experience in the health care system.  My experience with the MHA program has been exceptional.  The quality of the website that the online program is provided is easy to navigate, provides me with the necessary learning tools, and allows me to continue to work full time.  The course material relates to the work I do in the health region and provides me with a deeper understanding of the health care system at the provincial, national, and international level.  This has enabled me to develop a broader perspective which strengthens my ability to lead change in my organization.  The program has reinforced to me that before fundamental transformation can occur one must truly understand the foundation of which the health care system was built."

Cynthia Leschyshyn
Master of Health Administration student
Infrastructure Lead/Manager, Kaizen Promotion Office, Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

"As I delve further into the complexities of the Canadian Healthcare System through JSGS’s comprehensive  MHA program, I find myself looking at its political, social and financial elements through a new lens.  This new program is innovative, exciting and challenging and its online platform allows students to network and connect with colleagues from coast to coast. The instructors are the very best in the field, very engaging and approachable, making this experience highly rewarding. I am excited to be amongst the first students to embark on this new adventure and I know that a new, promising career awaits me."
Dr. Fatima Coovadia
Master of Health Administration student

"After only one semester, I am very pleased with my choice to attend the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School. Some of the school’s greatest assets include the breadth of policy areas explored through the coursework, the extensive number of experiential learning and professional development opportunities, and the small student and faculty body. Already, I’ve explored cross-campus collaborations, worked closely with government bodies, attended policy events with prominent government leaders, and developed meaningful and innovative research with the support and guidance of faculty who are eager to share their expertise and to see me succeed."
Caroline Beck
Master of Public Policy-WTRC student
BHS, University of Calgary

"At the JSGS, I’m able to advance my skills as a researcher in a supportive academic setting committed to excellence, while continuing to work with Indigenous communities. The school provides students with an education that grounds us in both the theory of public policy and the actual practice of it. The faculty has real life experiences in public administration that add invaluable insights for students studying the theory behind it. As a PhD candidate, I have found the faculty I work with to be very supportive of my Indigenous health and education policy research, while also serving as mentors preparing me for my professional career."
Cassandra Opikokew-Wajuntah
PhD candidate and MPA alumni
BA (Journalism), University of Regina

"I attended the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School as I wanted to enhance my knowledge of energy and environmental policy, and learn how to apply that knowledge towards pragmatic policy solutions. During the course of my program, I learned from leading policy scholars, worked alongside colleagues on significant policy issues and challenges impacting Canadians, and participated in an internship with the Correctional Service of Canada, Incident Investigations Branch. The JSGS has a growing reputation as one of Canada’s premier public policy institutions. I have found the experience extremely valuable as I look forward to a career in either the public or non-profit sector."
Matthew Dow
Master of Public Administration alumnus
MA (Political Science), University of Alberta
BA (Political Science), University of Lethbridge
"I’m finding the JSGS a valuable school to attend for two reasons. First, the school’s professional focus means I am being plugged into the networks I need to access to build a meaningful career while still earning my doctorate; and two, the school’s approach to education gives me the freedom I need to be innovative in how I design my class and research agenda."
Cody Sharpe
PhD candidate and Nexen Scholarship Recipient
MA (Political Science), Brock University
BA (Political Science Co-op), University of Lethbridge

"My JSGS experience provided me with the opportunity to work with senior officials from government and civil society organizations throughout Asia, advancing my knowledge and skill sets on an international level.  The school and its faculty offer future graduates the best instruction in the country, while providing unparalleled opportunities worldwide."

Debora Senger
Master of Public Administration alumnus
UNDP Intern (Hanoi, Vietnam)

"My experience at JSGS has ignited interests in areas that I had never known existed.  Faculty here are more than teachers; rather they serve as our guides, assisting us through our academic journeys and inspiring us through great ideas and enlightening conversations."
Kathy Johnson
Master of Public Policy student and Nexen Scholarship Recipient
BCom (Hons) (Dist), Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

"JSGS has already provided me with a wealth of knowledge in the Canadian federal and provincial government systems.  With this knowledge I have gained confidence in my abilities as an NGO administrator.  As a recent MPA student and as a First Nations woman, I feel that this experience at JSGS will leave me with knowledge and expertise of our government systems that would assist me in working towards the translation of government policies, language, ideas and systems that will ultimately contribute to the efforts of First Nation organizations and NGO’s.  The strengths of JSGS can be seen in their instruction, faculty, research, guest speakers and encouragement; I feel that I have made the right choice in JSGS.  This experience has been both challenging and positive."

Nicole Callihoo
Master of Public Administration alumnus

"As an international student, I know how important it is to have the necessary support and guidance when you are moving to another country and have to adjust to a totally different culture, language and education system. JSGS faculty, staff and students have done an amazing job in terms of accommodating my needs and creating a friendly and supportive learning environment. Through my studies, I’ve been able to gain a deep knowledge of the policy development process and government structure, and have had an opportunity to apply it in practice through the Executive Internship Program. As an intern under the tutelage of the Deputy Minister of Health, I’m gaining invaluable insight into government strategic planning and operations, and am participating in discussions at the very top level. This affords me the opportunity to see the “bigger picture” and to develop my analytical and policy writing skills, while working on the projects I am genuinely interested in."
Khrystyna Orobets
Master of Public Administration alumnus

“As a mid-career public servant with the provincial government, I enrolled in the MPA program to advance my knowledge, technical skills and leadership capacity. Having access to both JSGS campuses and such a wide range of opportunities, events, scholars, professionals and senior public officials really blew the doors off my expectations. I am genuinely proud to be a JSGS graduate and am grateful for all the perspectives and experiences I have encountered there”
Carla Hale
Master of Public Administration alumnus
BA (Hons), University of Regina

“As a part of the first cohort that went through the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan, I saw first-hand the dedication and hard work required to get the program running.  The result of the dedication of the faculty and staff is a program, which despite being new, has become highly regarded in not only Saskatchewan but also the rest of Canada.  Shortly after the completion of my degree, I was offered work with two levels of government, as well as with the Saskatoon Health Region.  The knowledge and skills I obtained while at the JSGS continue to serve me on a daily basis, allowing me to fulfill my duties at a level that exceeds expectations.  The high caliber of the faculty is quickly making the JSGS a national leader in public administration; I am both thankful and privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from them.”

Patrick R. Falastein, MA MPA CTRS
Project Manager - Strategic Planning
Planning, Policy & Performance
Saskatoon Health Region

"The MPA program at JSGS has enhanced my knowledge of public policy, research and theory. The quality and experience of the professors and the opportunity to network with professionals within the field was truly a rewarding experience. In addition, JSGS has strong links with the government and large funding bodies which provides students with opportunities to intern and receive hands on training."

Oreoluwa Ogunrinde
Master of Public Administration alumnus
BKin, Health Studies, University of Regina, 2008
"My experiences at the JSGS U of R campus were filled with opportunities. The courses allowed students the freedom to pursue personal interests in the field of public policy, governance and administration. The internship provided me with a rare opportunity to work in executive government and learn from senior officials, which was an immensely gratifying experience both personally and professionally. I also had the opportunity to work closely with faculty, staff and colleagues as part of the JSGS Student Association. Furthermore, the school supported many events, training, and learning opportunities for students that well surpassed my expectations. The school offers its students opportunities that are simply not afforded elsewhere."
Charlotte Morrisette, MPA, BA
Executive Assistant to the ADM
Ministry Services and Standards Division
Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure
“In the spring of 2010, I was considering applying to one of the many MPA programs in Canada and visited the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School to learn more about what it had to offer. I was having a look around the campus when Professor Peter Phillips, noticing that I was a little nervous and unsure of where to be, rushed out and invited me into his office. He then introduced himself and asked all about what I was interested in. This turned into a very pleasant and engaging conversation and I left with a very positive impression of both the faculty and the school. At the time I was considering a number of options. It was because of this instance of commendable and personable behaviour that I chose the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy for my studies."
Joseph Dan MacKenzie
Master of Public Administration alumnus
BA (Hons) in Political Studies and History, University of Saskatchewan, 2009
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Canadian Forces
"My experience at the school thus far has been positive. The students bring a great variety of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives to the program, and I find learning from my peers to be as engaging as learning from faculty. I hope to work in a research-related field in the future, especially in a position focused on disseminating research results to the public in terms of policy, and I think the array of knowledge provided in the PhD program will be a great asset."
Sara McPhee-Knowles
PhD Candidate, University of Saskatchewan
BA (Hons) in Public Administration, University of Saskatchewan, 2009
"I would highly recommend the Master of International Trade program to those mid-career professionals seeking to improve their understanding of national strategic level and global issues.  The interdisciplinary nature of the program ensures that important themes are examined from a variety of perspectives.  Equally as important are the perspectives from your fellow students who reside across Canada and, indeed, the world.  I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the extra effort many of the professors in the program put forth in reaching out to students socially so as to better cement relationships.  On two separate occasions, I had a professor take the initiative to meet with me in Ottawa while he was there on business.  The graduation ceremony was also attended by many of my professors who then took me out for lunch!  Though the program can be time consuming, I am confident that it has improved my ability to analyze and comprehend both national and international events such that my employer, the Department of National Defence, is also a beneficiary."
Major Ryan Smid
Chief of Staff Coordinator for Land Forces Western Area in Edmonton
National Defence
Government of Canada
"This internship has helped to refine and enhance my public policy skill set, which I developed in my MPA program. My placement has also provided me with opportunities to learn how to work effectively under time constraints, in a high-paced work environment."
Alison Hamilton
Master of Public Administration alumnus
2010 Federal Internship
BSc (Hons), Brandon University

"The JSGS has the necessary tools and resources to provide students with the best they can hope for. The School boasts some of the best brains in public policy teaching and practice. It has given me the breadth of knowledge which I have been able to transfer seamlessly into both a summer job in a government ministry and project internship through the fall and winter. Like every institution, it has its strengths and weakness, but just as the province of Saskatchewan has been a beacon for some of the best programs in Canada, the school definitely punches above its weight, considering."

Shlomo M. Levi
Master of Public Administration alumnus
LLM, Environmental Law and Policy, Washington College of law, American University
BA (Hons) London Metropolitan University, UK
"The MPP program at JSGS has given me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of public policy, while also providing me with the flexibility to undertake research in areas which have excited me the most. The program has definitely helped me in improving my research and analytical skills which can be applied to both academia and job markets. Cordial environment and a sense of closely knit community have been the hallmark of my stay at JSGS, where engaging in meaningful dialogue with faculty members and fellow students has always been encouraged."
Ata-Ul Munim
Master of Public Policy
BA (Hons) Economics, McMaster University
BA (Hons) Political Science, McMaster University

"The JSGS MPA program has provided me with the key practical skills needed to be successful in a government policy field.  Part of the JSGS program involves offering networking opportunities and learning forums to enhance knowledge of government and policy, as well as to allow students to make contacts in both the public and private sectors. One of the most beneficial aspects of the MPA for me was the Executive Internship Program where I was able to gain significant experience working in a Federal Government department."

Rebecca J. Austin
Master of Public Administration alumnus
BA in Political Science, University of Regina

"The MPP program at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy afforded me a high quality education and provided a high level of interaction and support from my supervisor. With strong ties to the provincial government, the school provided me with a unique and valuable internship experience in government that allowed me to apply the skills I learned in class. In addition, working in a smaller organization as an intern exposed me to high-level decision-making and allowed for daily interaction with senior managers and policy makers. I am confident that the skills I acquired in class and through my internship will enable me to succeed as I start my career."

Matthew Jurczak
Master of Public Policy alumnus