New and established faculty and staff at Saskatchewan's two largest universities have come together to create a unique partnership to better serve the province and the nation. By employing faculty with extensive experience in applied public policy and policy research, the school is able to provide expertise regarding multi-level governance, agenda setting, ethical leadership and good governance, budgets and public finance, decision making and public process intelligence. Researchers in the school have expertise in a number of substantive areas, including social policy, health policy, innovation policy, trade and immigration policy, resource and environmental policy, and public-sector management.

Among the faculty are two Canada Research Chairs (Daniel Béland and Ken Coates) and one Cisco Systems Research Chair (Justin Longo) whose responsibility is to strengthen the country's international research competitiveness while also focusing on graduate student training. Faculty members are carefully selected for their superb academic qualifications, their applied public policy experience and their demonstrated interest in applying academic research to real-world public policy problems.

Graduate Chairs - Peter Phillips (U of S campus) and Bruno Dupeyron (U of R campus)

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FacultyAreas of Research Interests
Michael AtkinsonPolitical institutions (institutional theory, rational choice); Public policy (business-state relations, industrial policy, labour market adjustment, science and technology); Political corruption (theories of corruption, comparative studies of conflict of interest regulation, attitudinal research)
Daniel BĂ©landComparative public policy; Fiscal policy; Social policy; Political sociology; Historical and comparative sociology
Ken CoatesRegional innovation; University education and higher education generally; Aboriginal rights and land claims; Science and technology policy ; Japan and Canada-Asia relations ; Northern development/Circumpolar affairs
Bruno DupeyronComparative politics; Multilevel governance; Processes of regional integration; Public action in the international and transnational fields; Border governance; Strategies of institutional building in the European Union, NAFTA and the Mercosur; Immigration policy
Brett FairbairnGovernance and innovation in non-profit enterprises; Membership, participation, and organizational identity; History of democracy and democratic movements; Co-operatives in the new economy
Murray FultonInnovation policy; Behavioural economics; Climate change policy; Intellectual property rights; Co-operatives and the social economy; Agricultural and resource policy
Patricia Gober (Emerita)Water resource management; Climate adaptation; Vulnerability to hazards; Global water problems
Robert E. HawkinsAdministrative law (public inquiries, bias, standards of review); Constitutional law (crown prerogative and conventions); Post-secondary education policy
Tarun KatapallyPopulation health interventions; Active living research; Child and youth health; Built environment and health; Aboriginal health; Health policy
Iryna KhovrenkovEconomics of charities; Foundation and leadership giving; Applied microeconomics; Public economics and tax policy
Justin LongoApplied information and communication technologies (i.e., open governance, open government, Web 2.0 technologies, etc.); Environmental and natural resource policy; Transboundary governance
Kathleen McNuttDigital government; Social Media; Policy Analysis; Program Evaluation
Haizhen MouHealth policy; Fiscal policy
M. Rose Olfert (Emerita)Public policy; Rural/regional economics; Rural-urban interdependence; People-based vs. Place-based policy; Rural economic restructuring; Resource based economies
Peter W.B. PhillipsScience, technology and innovation policy; International political economy; Regulation, governance and trade policy; Decision making theory and behavioural experimentation
Greg PoelzerAboriginal policy; Innovation; Northern development; Circumpolar north; Governance and development
Dionne PohlerStrategic human resource management; The role and professionalization of HRM; Compensation systems; Inequality in organizations; Co-operative governance; Co-op development; Labour-management relationship and union impact; Systems of employee voice
Ken Rasmussen Public enterprise management; Administrative reform; Administrative history; Non-profit organizations; Ethics and leadership; Provincial politics
Jeremy RaynerGlobal forest governance; Resource, environmental and energy policies; Policy theory (especially institutionalism and problems of policy change)
Keith WalkerLeadership philosophy and executive leader development; Professional and applied ethics; Governance and Board Governance; Policy making and decision making; Organizational theory and organizational development; Trust and moral agency; Public sector administration; Spiritual dimension of leadership; Capacity building in the new economy; Research methodologies; The best interests of the child; Personal, interpersonal, organizational and societal well-being
Amy ZarzecznyHealth law; Health policy; Science and biomedical research policy; Medical tourism

Associate MembersAreas of Research Interests
Alan AndersonCanadian and comparative ethnic minority rights and state policy; Ethnonationalism; Canadian immigration and settlement policies; Urban Aboriginal and Indigenous housing policy
Loleen BerdahlCanadian politics; Research methodology; Political theory
Beth BilsonLabour and administrative law
Maureen BourassaCorporate social responsibility and stakeholder engagement; Meaning and impact of respect in the context of marketing relationships
Joel BruneauTrade and environment; Pollution and industrial structure; Water resources
Sheila Carr-StewartIndigenous educational governance and policy; Comparative education; Canadian Aboriginal policy; Community development; Social issues
Douglas A. ClarkWildlife and protected area management; Environmental governance and policy processes; Local and traditional ecological knowledge in decision-making; Wildlife-human conflicts, large carnivore conservation; Social-ecological systems and resilience theory
Brent Cotter
Kalowatie Deonandan
Jo-Ann EpiskenewIndigenous literature of Canada and the U.S.; Applied literatures, including literature and trauma, literature and public policy, literature and health; Aboriginal youth health
Joe GarceaPublic administration; Public policy analysis; Local government
Don GilchristPublic economics; Urban and regional economics
Richard GrayEconomics of innovation; Grain marketing; Science policy
Jill HobbsFood safety; Quality and traceability; Supply chain relationships in the agri-food sector; Consumer behaviour
William KerrCommercial policy; International trade
Robert LucasMonetary economics; Macroeconomics; International monetary economics
David McGraneCanadian, Saskatchewan and Quebec politics
Hans MichelmannComparative politics (Western Europe); European integration; Comparative public policy and administration
Stuart SmythInnovation; Agricultural biotechnology
Kara SomervilleGlobalization; Immigration; Transnational practices; Race and ethnic relations; Family

Adjunct ProfessorsAreas of Research Interests
David CastleEthics and governance of bioproducts and crops
Jeremy de BeerIntellectual property; Biotechnology; Information communications issues
Konstantinos (Dinos) GiannakasFood system innovation; Food and agricultural policy
Lou Hammond KetilsonScience, technology and innovation policy; Use of complexity science to inform public policy and evaluation methods of complex innovation and science systems; bibliometric indicators with a specific emphasis on scale-independent measures.
Sylvan KatzScience and innovation systems
Gregory MarchildonCanadian public policy and economic history; Evolution of public health care in Canada; Political, administrative and economic history of postwar Saskatchewan; Public health care policy in Canada and other advanced industrialized nations and comparative health systems
Brian WixtedEmerging patterns of behavior in economic activity defined loosely by industry or cluster boundaries
Gary WilsonArctic politics and governance; Impacts of global processes and change on communities
Lihui Zhang

Policy FellowsAreas of Research Interests
Raynell AndreychukInternational law; Human rights
Michael BodaElection administration, law and assessments
John C. CourtneyCanadian and comparative: parties and elections; Electoral reform; Electoral systems; Franchise; Voter registration; Electoral administration; Boundary readjustments, Redistribution and redistricting; Leadership conventions
Dale EislerPolicy/communications interface; Economic and fiscal policy; Energy and environment; Canada-U.S. relations
Doug ElliotSaskatchewan demographics; Labour market supply and demand; First Nations development
Dan Florizone
Richard FlorizoneScience and technology policy; Energy
Daniel M. FoxHealth policy and politics
Grant IsaacEnergy policy; Canada-US trade; Transatlantic trade; Trade, regulations and technology; Strategic management of intellectual property
Dylan JonesFederalism; Natural resources policy; Strategic economic policy
Peter MacKinnon
Roy Romanow
Peggy Schmeiser
Mike ShawPublic sector institution governance and leadership; Public policy; Public service renewal
David E. SmithParliament; Canadian federalism; Political parties
Sharon Lee Smith
John D. WhyteConstitutional law and theory; Constitutional reform; International constitutional development; Legal process and legal theory

Executive-in-ResidenceAreas of Research Interests
Jim MarshallPublic finance; Labour economics; Economics of education
Dan PerrinsPublic administration; Social policy; Machinery of government; Board governance
Wynne Young

Professional AffiliatesAreas of Research Interests
Lisa ClarkFood technology & policy; Risk governance; Social perceptions of risk; Food labels; GM foods; Food & agricultural movements
Robert Dobrohoczki
James LeachInternational trade development; International business
Wayne Robinson
Sanjeev Singh