Master of Health Administration

Program Description

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) is primarily an online, course‐based degree offering students the opportunity to pursue personal and professional enhancement by obtaining a master’s degree on their own schedule, without having to take time away from home or work to participate in traditional classroom learning. Students attend courses on a part‐time basis while continuing their full‐time employment. Courses are highly interactive using varied multimedia, discussion forums and supportive text‐based materials. In addition to their coursework, students participate in two brief in person residency periods. Residencies are held over a weekend and involve group exercises including case studies, management simulations, breakouts and presentations, creating important learning and networking opportunities for students.

The degree is focused on building management, administrative and policy capacity for the next generation of health sector leaders. Students will develop the knowledge and skills base of professionals and managers in the health field, enabling them to contribute to improving the effectiveness of program and policy development, implementation and evaluation, as well as effectiveness in health service delivery, and managerial and administrative performance. The MHA degree prepares students for positions that require advanced management and strategic ability, policy knowledge and skills, and exceptional analytical and evaluation capacity. The key competency areas focus on the unique needs and complexities of a dynamic health care system.

The online MHA graduate program is administered through the University of Regina campus.

Program Curriculum

Students are required to complete 30 credit units, consisting of two in‐person residencies (3 credit units) and nine online courses (27 credit units).

  • JSGS 812 - Aboriginal Health Policy
  • JSGS 814 - Biostatistics for Public Health
  • JSGS 817 - Health Policy
  • JSGS 823 - Health Promotion
  • JSGS 824 - Health Program Planning and Evaluation
  • JSGS 826 - Human Resources Management in Health Care
  • JSGS 827 - Health Care Organization and Administration
  • JSGS 829 - Decision Making and Leadership in Healthcare Organizations
  • JSGS 832 - Population Based Health Program Management
  • JSGS 833 - Performance Measurement in Healthcare Organizations
  • JSGS 834 - Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations
  • JSGS 835AT - Health Law and Policy
  • JSGS 837 - Health Economics

All MHA students are required to complete the following course:

  • JSGS 830 - MHA Residency (two sessions - Residency I and Residency II)

Application Qualifications

All applicants must have completed a 4 year bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, with a minimum 70% average from a recognized college or university and should also have completed a minimum of 3 years relevant health sector experience. Applications will be accepted on an on‐going basis and students can begin the program at the beginning of any of the three academic semesters.

Tuition and Student Fees

The tuition for the MHA program is $2,086.50 per course or $20,865 for the degree. If you have any questions, please contact us at (U of R campus).

Fact Sheet

Download a print friendly copy of our Master of Health Administration fact sheet.