Students in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School, regardless of which campus they are registered at, can take courses at both campuses. To take a course at the campus that is not considered the student's home campus (i.e., where the student was admitted in the first instance), please contact the JSGS administrative office at your home campus for approval and processing. Courses can fill up quickly so students are encouraged to submit their request as early as possible. The rules and regulations of the university through which the course is taken will apply to the student.

Some JSGS courses may be available online or by videoconference (and will be clearly marked as such), but a majority of the courses require in-person attendance. Students taking a course that is not at their home campus will need to make arrangements to travel to the city in which the course is being offered.


  • Please be aware that condensed Spring/Summer courses may not meet eligibility requirements for student loans.  It is in your best interest to verify block course eligibility in advance of registration.
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Term 2 - Winter 2015 (tentative)

JSGS 801Governance and Administration29711U of STuesday5:30-8:30pmDIEF 137Jeremy Rayner and Michael Atkinson
11738U of RMonday7-9:45pmED 621Bruno Dupeyron
JSGS 802Public Finance29545U of SThursday5:30-8:30pmDIEF 137Haizhen Mou
11740U of RSaturday9-11:45amED 623John Wright
JSGS 803Quantitative Methods31523U of SWednesday 1-4pmDIEF 137Haizhen Mou
JSGS 805Economics for Public Policy Analysis11743U of RWednesday7-9:45pmED 558Sara Olfert
JSGS 806Public Policy Analysis11744U of RMonday5:30-8:15pmED 619John Wright
JSGS 807Statistics for Public Managers11747U of RThursday5:30-8:15pm2R 210Lihui Zhang
JSGS 815Strategic Human Resource Management: Legal and Policy Issues30772U of STuesday1:15 - 4:15pmDIEF 129 VC to U of R campusDionne Pohler and Wynne Young
11748U of RTuesday1:15 - 4:15pm2R-110.22 (VC from Saskatoon)Dionne Pohler and Wynne Young
JSGS 816Tax Policy and Fiscal Federalism11749U of RWednesday7-9:45pmRIC 209Econ
JSGS 817-001 (MPA/Mcert students)Health Policy12792U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMichael Sherar
JSGS 817-397 (MHA students)Health Policy11750U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMichael Sherar
JSGS 826-001 (MPA students)Human Resources Management in Health Care11755U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineDionne Pohler
JSGS 826-397 (MHA students)Human Resources Management in Health Care11756U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineDionne Pohler
JSGS 831Performance Management12747U of RBlockJan 31 (1-4pm); Feb 17-21 (9am-4:45pm); Mar 21 (1-4pm)ED 619Ken Rasmussen
JSGS 835-001 (MPA/MCert students)Health Law and Policy11757U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineAmy Zarzeczny
JSGS 835-397 (MHA students)Health Law and Policy11758U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineAmy Zarzeczny
JSGS 837-001 (MPA/MCert students)Health Economics11759U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineLihui Zhang
JSGS 837-002 (Econ/Gerontology students)Health Economics11760U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineLihui Zhang
JSGS 837-397 (MHA students)Health Economics11761U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineLihui Zhang
JSGS 838-001 (MPA students)Public Sector Financial Management12748U of RTuesday7-9:45pmED 623Jim Marshall
JSGS 838-002 (Econ students)Public Sector Financial Management11762U of RTuesday7-9:45pmED 623Jim Marshall
JSGS 849Social Economy and Public Policy29751U of SMonday5:30-8:30pmDIEF 129Ken Coates
JSGS 851Qualitative Methods201510U of RSaturday9:30am-3:30pmED 191Social Work
JSGS 853Negotiation and Conflict Resolution12749U of RBlockFeb 17-21 (9am-4:45pm)ED 558Robert Hawkins
JSGS 862Political Economy29547U of SThursday9am-12pmDIEF 137 Murray Fulton
JSGS 863Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy(continued from T1)U of SMonday1-4pmDIEF 129 (VC to U of R campus)Ken Coates
12750U of RMonday1-4pm2R - 110.22 (VC from Saskatoon)Ken Coates
JSGS 867Advanced Policy Analysis13058U of RFriday1:00 - 4:00 pmED 318Dale Eisler
JSGS 869Readings in Public Policy (PhD students only)(continued from T1)U of SFriday9am-12pmDIEF 129 Various
(continued from T1) 12751U of RFriday9am-12pm2R - 110.22Various
JSGS 870Water Policy in an Age of UncertaintyU of SMid-term Break 2015TBDTBDPatricia Gober
JSGS 872 International Trade and Commercial Policy 29754U of SonlineonlineonlineBill Kerr
JSGS 873International Trade Theory 30798U of SonlineonlineonlineJoel Bruneau
JSGS 875Politics of International Trade 29755U of SonlineonlineonlineKalowatie Deonandan
JSGS 876International Trade Law 29583U of SonlineonlineonlineTBD
JSGS 990Public Policy Seminar29552U of SEvents as scheduled. Time will vary-DIEF 137Guest speakers
JSGS 990AAWRTC Seminar Series11770U of REvents as scheduled. Time will varyGuest speakers
JSGS 990ABPublic Policy SeminarU of REvents as scheduled. Time will varyGuest speakers
GRST 800AAAcademic Integrity: Tutorial IU of ROnlineOnlineOnlineDongyan Blachford

Term 3 - Spring/Summer 2015 (Tentative)

JSGS TBDCo-operative Governance and Leadership in ActionU of STBDTBDTBDMurray Fulton and Dionne Pohler
JSGS 808Ethical Leadership and Democracy in Public ServiceU of STBDTBDTBDTBD
JSGS 838Public Sector Financial ManagementU of STBDTBDTBDGary Entwistle
JSGS 868Resource and Environmental PolicyU of STBDTBDTBDJeremy Rayner
JSGS 878International Business Environment U of SonlineonlineonlineJames Leach and Wayne Robinson