The world in which public servants operate is one of increasing complexity and is more unpredictable than it has been for decades.  An aging population, globalization, new information technology and a series of horizontal issues such as crime, homelessness and climate change are making it much more difficult to make effective decisions, manage new programs and avoid policy failures.   

The aim of the Public Executive Development Program is to increase the policy capacity of public service professionals and allow them to more effectively advise ministers and deliver programs.  The acquisition of skills and knowledge, new techniques and research skills are critical for the effective management of the public service: it is the foundation of a responsive, accountable and innovative government. Learning not only contributes to individual employee development and job satisfaction, but it also ensures that the policy and managerial outcome are of the highest quality and that the public service remains a stimulating, creative and exciting place to work.

The goal of the series is to bring to public servants an understanding of the importance of all aspects of policy making for the effective functioning of government.  It is designed to both find ways in which public servants can create additional public value by their input in public policy formation, analysis and implementation. In this regard, this series is valuable to any public servant but is specifically targeted at those who are directly involved in the development, consultation, engagement and implementation of policy in executive ministries.   It will improve the policy capacity within government by concentrating on those directly involved in policy development, as well as those who manage policy process and those who need to brief senior officials on the possibilities and pitfalls of public policy proposals. 

The Public Executive Development Program will help governments meet these objectives by:

  • Delivering a world-class education and training programs to emerging public sector leaders in the substance and craft of public policy development;
  • Offering a flexible range of programs that, over time, build significant new policy, research and management capability within the public service; 
  • Developing a research agenda and expertise that significantly strengthens government’s ability to develop and access policy relevant knowledge; and,
  • Through its research and teaching, encourage and support public sector innovation.

The program brings together a critical mass of experienced public management and public policy academics and practitioners from across Canada and internationally.  We draw on the expertise and experience of past and present practitioners from a variety of sectors, including public, private and non-profit.  We combine them with a critical mass of the 'best and brightest' current and emerging leaders within the public service, to create a series that is responsive to the needs of the public service leadership and cabinet.

The Public Executive Development Program includes:

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For more information on the Public Executive Development Program, please contact:

Andrea Geisbauer, Manager, Outreach & Training
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
Telephone: (306) 585-4923

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