Opinion Editorials

Political grandstanding can't trump convention (09-16-2015 - The Star Phoenix - John Courtney)

Canada's climate policy is frozen in time (09-03-2015 - The Globe and Mail - Greg Poelzer)

Navigating physicians’ ethical and legal duties to patients seeking unproven interventions abroad (07-31-2015 - Canadian Family Physician - Jeremy Snyder, Krystyna Adams, Y.Y. Chen, Daniel Birch, Timothy Caulfield, I. Glenn Cohen, Valorie Crooks, Judy Illes, Amy Zarzeczny)

Inside Policy: Five priorities for Aboriginal Canada in election 2015 (07-31-2015 - Macdonald-Laurier Institute - Ken Coates)

Aboriginal rights not death-knell of energy development (05-29-2015 - Vancouver Sun - Doug Black and Ken Coates)

Idle No More helped Aboriginal Canadians break cycle of despair (04-27-2015 - Exchange Magazine - Ken Coates)

Resource revenue must be invested (02-20-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Greg Poelzer)

Ken S. Coates: Aboriginal women deserve much more than an inquiry (02-16-2015 - The National Post - Ken Coates)

In defence of Winnipeg (01-28-2015 - The National Post - Ken Coates)

Negotiating a tricky curve (01-19-2015 - The Leader Post - Greg Marchildon)

Book Review - Governance and Public Policy in Canada: A View from the Provinces (01-14-2015 - Canadian Public Administration - Keith Brownsey (Michael Atkinson, Daniel Beland, Gregory Marchildon, Kathy McNutt, Peter Phillips, and Ken Rasmussen))

Canada's worst policy ideas of 2014 (01-13-2015 - In Due Course - Daniel Béland, Rachel Laforest and Jennifer Wallner)

Five challenges for bending the healthcare cost curve in Canada (01-12-2015 - NetNewsLedger - Greg Marchildon and Livio Di Matteo)

Canadian economy needs more sports (12-29-2014 - Vancouver Sun - Justin Bedi, MIT student)

A fair deal for natives (12-12-2014 - The National Post - Ken Coates )

Canada’s stake in Perry Bellegarde (12-12-2014 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

Govt. pays price for lean policy (12-01-2014 - The Leader Post - Ken Rasmussen)

Who speaks for Aboriginals? (11-26-2014 - The National Post - Dale Eisler)

It's what's in the sausage (11-01-2014 - Policy Options - Dale Eisler)

SaskPower’s Carbon Capture Megaproject: Canada’s Energy Saviour or Lipstick on a Pig? (10-13-2014 - C2C Journal - Dale Eisler)

The job debates we need (09-19-2014 - Policy Options - Ken Coates and Carin Holroyd)

Tsilhqot’in ruling brings Canada to the table (09-11-2014 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates and Dwight Newman)

Coates & Morrison: Building universities we don’t need (08-25-2014 - The National Post - Ken Coates and Bill Morrison)

Stephen Harper's dangerous refusal to 'commit sociology’ (08-22-2014 - The Toronto Star - Julie Kaye and Daniel Beland)

Fraser report conceals big picture on taxes (08-14-2014 - The Toronto Star - Daniel Beland and Jennifer Wallner)

Maybe now First Nations have the country's attention (07-03-2014 - Daily Exchange - Ken Coates)

First Nations hold the key to the Northern Gateway pipeline (06-17-2014 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

Looking back at the spring session (05-15-2014 - Global Edmonton - Mike McKinnon (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Government isn't only key to progress for aboriginal people (05-16-2014 - The Toronto Star - Ken Coates )

Scientific Wrangling Over Natural Gas and Climate Obscures the Need for Real Action (04-23-2014 - National Geographic - Energy Blog - Ken Coates)

Coates & Poelzer: Completing Confederation — The North wants in (04-22-2014 - National Post - Ken Coates and Greg Poelzer)

'Lean' another in a lengthy list of 'magic' cures (03-20-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Ken Rasmussen)

Don’t undermine Elections Canada (03-11-2014 - The National Post - Various academics from across Canada (including Michael Atkinson and John Courtney))

Why top Canadian universities should add an admission test (03-06-2014 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

Election fairness (02-20-2014 - The Globe and Mail - John Courtney (featuring Michael Atkinson and Canadian political scientists))

Why are Canadians ignoring the ‘North below the North’? (01-22-2014 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

Licence to act (11-27-2013 - Policy Options - Dale Eisler)

Why we should take the co-operative business model more seriously (11-08-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Dionne Pohler and Murray Fulton)

First Nations aren’t swayed by vague promises (10-28-2013 - Globe and Mail - Ken Coates and Brian Lee Crowly)

Education gap hurts rural, Aboriginal communities (10-25-2013 - The Western Producer -

The funding formula for health care is broken. Alberta’s windfall proves it (10-09-2013 - The Globe and Mail - Gregory Marchildon and Haizhen Mou)

Serving Rural and Aboriginal Communities: A Serious Gap in Educational Innovation (10-04-2013 - - Ken Coates)

The Spirit of 1763: The Royal Proclamation in National and Global Perspective (10-03-2013 - - Ken Coates)

From aspiration to inspiration: UNDRIP finding deep traction in Indigenous communities (09-18-2013 - CIGI Blog - Ken Coates and Terry Mitchell)

UNDRIP Changes Indigenous Peoples Articulation of Both Problems and Solutions (08-27-2013 - CIGI Blog - Ken Coates and Terry Mitchell)

UNDRIP: Shifting From Global Aspiration to Local Realization (08-22-2013 - CIGI Blog - Ken Coates and Terry Mitchell)

Vaccine fear endangers society (07-26-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Sara McPhee-Knowles, PhD candidate)

Smith named to Order of Canada (06-29-2013 - Leader-Post - )

This is Canada's polytechnic moment (06-26-2013 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

First Nations Key to Future of Northern Gateway Pipeline (06-07-2013 - Epoch Times - Brian Lee Crowley and Ken Coates)

Sensible Senate reform needed (06-07-2013 - The Star Phoenix - John D. Whyte)

First Nations key to future of Northern Gateway pipeline (06-03-2013 - Beacon News - Brian Lee Crowley and Ken Coates)

Resource development offers opportunity for Aboriginal communities (05-14-2013 - The National Post - Ken Coates and Brian Lee Crowley)

Park the paranoia (05-01-2013 - Policy Options - Ken Coates and Kimie Hara)

Report from a Globe Trotting Social Innovator (05-01-2013 - Blog Post, Social Prosperity Wood Buffalo - Ken Coates)

Ridings creation non-partisan (04-05-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Daniel Beland)

The challenge of Senate reform (03-18-2013 - The Leader Post - John D. Whyte, Policy Fellow)

Why the Clarity Act must go (02-17-2013 - - John D Whyte, Policy Fellow)

Matching Jobs and People (02-13-2013 - Policy Options - Ken Coates and Rick Miner)

Forcing New Directions in Government Policy (01-24-2013 - The Centre for International Governance Innovation Blog Post - Ken Coates)

Chief Atleo's new model of Aboriginal politics (01-17-2013 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

Aboriginal status ruling challenges policymakers (01-17-2013 - Leader-Post - John D. Whyte, Policy Fellow)

The million-dollar promise (01-15-2013 - - Ken Coates and Bill Morrison)

Dispersed Capacity and Weak Coordination: The Challenge of Climate Control Adaptation in Canada's Forest Policy Sector (01-09-2013 - Review of Policy Research - Jeremy Rayner, Kathleen McNutt and Adam Wellstead)

The way to break the Northern Gateway logjam: Aboriginal equity (01-03-2013 - The Globe and Mail - Brian Lee Crowley and Ken Coates)

Aboriginal prosperity must be earned (12-29-2012 - The - Brian Lee Crowley and Ken Coates)

Rage and rebirth: The way forward for First Nations (12-20-2012 - - Brian Lee Crowley and Ken Coates)

Is This Community Ready for the Enbridge Pipeline? (12-17-2012 - The Huffington Post - Brian Lee Crowley and Ken Coates)

First Nations: a revolution of rising expectations (12-10-2012 - iPolitics Insight - Ken Coates and Brian Lee Crowley)

Why is the government cancelling winter? (11-26-2012 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates and Carin Holroyd)

Rejection of Charlottetown accord ended era of constitutional reform (10-26-2012 - The - John D. Whyte)

Bending the cost curve to transform health care (09-24-2012 - The StarPhoenix - Greg Marchildon)

Affordability a key issue for Medicare (06-30-2012 - CBC Radio Saskatchewan - Greg Marchildon)

Affordability a key issue for Medicare (06-13-2012 - Leader-Post - Greg Marchildon)

Rich vein of opportunity for First Nations (05-23-2012 - Leader-Post - David E. Smith)

Historic Berger report echoes loudly today (05-15-2012 - Edmonton Journal - David Smith)

Ag needs to rebrand GM crops as ‘green’ (04-27-2012 - The Western Producer - Peter W.B. Phillips)

Green Traditional (04-12-2012 - The Star Phoenix - John Courtney)

Ken Coates & Carin Holroy: Canadians must wake up to the opportunities in Asia (04-03-2012 - National Post - Ken Coates)

Bring law and order to the digital Wild West (03-31-2012 - Toronto Star - Ken Coates)

Ken Coates: Phony fears about academic freedom (03-30-2012 - National Post - Ken Coates)

Daniel Béland & André Lecours: Calming the furor over equalization (03-19-2012 - National Post - Daniel Béland)

We are all responsible for the plight of Canada’s first nations (02-17-2012 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates and Greg Poelzer)

Canada’s GM regulatory model improving (02-09-2012 - The Western Producer - Peter W.B. Phillips)

Money for nothing: accountability in the brave new age of medicare (02-06-2012 - The Hill Times - Gregory Marchildon)

We should honour Tommy Douglas’ vision (01-26-2012 - National Post - Greg Marchildon)

Waning interest in CWB issue sign of new Sask (12-08-2011 - The Star Phoenix - David McGrane)

Suburbanites are now a force (12-01-2011 - The Star Phoenix - John Courtney)

Monopoly for foreign sales viable option (11-24-2011 - The Western Producer - Murray Fulton)

Transit requires long-term vision (07-21-2011 - The Star Phoenix - Sara McPhee Knowles, PhD student)

Who's Afraid of Health-Care Reform (04-30-2011 - The Mark - Greg Marchildon )

Coalition rule rare, legitimate (04-01-2011 - The Star Phoenix - John Courtney)

Coalition rule rare, legitimate (04-01-2011 - The Star Phoenix - John Courtney)

Coalition rule rare, legitimate (04-01-2011 - The Star Phoenix - John Courtney)

Coalition rule rare, legitimate (04-01-2011 - The Star Phoenix - John Courtney)


Trudeau’s cabinet captures changing Canada (11-04-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Jeremy Warren (John Courtney))

Aboriginal leaders applaud Indigenous and Northern Affairs ministerial appointment (11-04-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Betty Ann Adam (Greg Poelzer))

Observers ponder Goodale's next political gig (11-04-2015 - Leader Post - Will Chabun (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Polling station problem widens: Distances may hinder voter turnout (10-02-2015 - The Leader Post - Charles Hamilton (featuring John Courtney))

Elections Canada: ‘There are no real plans to introduce internet voting’ (10-01-2015 - Global News - Meaghan Craig (featuring Jeremy Rayner))

Should Sask. scrap some rural roads? (10-01-2015 - Western Producer - Brian Cross (featuring Rose Olfert))

Regina city councillors’ 'other' jobs inform their civic work (09-14-2015 - The Leader Post - Natascia Lypny (Bob Hawkins))

Election most important for Sask. economy 'in a generation': expert (09-16-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Alex MacPherson (Greg Poelzer))

AFN chief pushing First Nations people to cast votes this fall (08-06-2015 - NewsTalk 980 CJME - Reported by News Talk Radio Staff (Ken Coates))

Conservative Power in Saskatoon (08-04-2015 - - Adam Britz (Daniel Beland))

Brand new electoral map for Saskatchewan (08-04-2015 - CBC News - (John Courtney))

Regina politicians gearing up for long campaign (08-04-2015 - Leader Post - Ashley Martin (Ken Rasmussen))

5 signs of trouble for Saskatchewan's economy in oil slump (08-03-2015 - CBC News - Bonnie Allen (Rose Olfert))

Anti-Conservative vote could be story of federal election in Saskatoon (08-03-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Alex Macpherson and Jason Warick (John Courtney))

Long campaign will benefit Tories, prof says: Conservative candidates set in Sask (07-31-2015 - Leader Post - Andrea Hill (Daniel Beland))

File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council provides governance training for leaders (07-28-2015 - Leader Post - Kerry Benjoe (Kathleen McNutt))

The pursuit of justice and reconcilliation (07-22-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Jason Warick (Ken Coates))

Politics of new child care benefit (07-21-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Kendall Latimer (Daniel Beland))

Insight: Is mandatory expansion of the Canada Pension Plan actually a tax increase? (06-18-2015 - Canadian HR Reporter - Andy Blatchford/The Canadian Press)

First Nations $300M federal housing fund builds just 99 homes (05-27-2015 - CBC News - Featuring Ken Coates)

Sask business must innovate, expert says (05-27-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Betty Ann Adam (featuring Peter Phillips))

Province awards its highest honours (05-14-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Taylor Rattray (featuring David E. Smith))

What will Alberta election mean for Saskatchewan? (05-06-2015 - NewsTalk 650 CKOM - Featuring Daniel Beland)

Premier Wall could learn from Alberta election (05-07-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Betty Ann Adam (featuring Daniel Beland and John Whyte))

Alberta election 2015: Why the political change makes economic sense (05-07-2015 - CBC News - Don Pittis (featuring Greg Poelzer))

NDP win in Alberta 'stunning' says U of S professor (05-06-2015 - CBC News - featuring Daniel Beland)

After Idle No More, Canada will never be the same, historian says (05-03-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Charles Hamilton (Featuring Ken Coates))

Economy Falls Flat in February (05-01-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Featuring Haizhen Mou)

Is Canadian grain headed for Saudi Arabia? A Wheat Board sale fact-check (04-27-2015 - TVO: The Agenda - John Michael McGrath (featuring Murray Fulton))

Province's education funding formula to be reviewed (04-25-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Sean Trembath (featuring Dan Perrins))

Campaign season (03-31-2015 - CountryGuide - Gord Gilmour (featuring Murray Fulton))

Idle No More a ‘remarkable assertion of aboriginal identity, confidence’: Coates (03-30-2015 - The Hill Times - Mark Burgess (featuring Ken Coates))

Trade talks change supply management debate (03-12-2015 - The Western Producer - Dan Yates (featuring Murray Fulton))

Panel discusses how to save identity (03-11-2015 - The Leader Post - Kerry Benjoe)

Resource revenue sharing gains steam (03-09-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Jeremy Warren (featuring Ken Coates))

Technical co-op concept gains support (03-09-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Sean Trembath (featuring Ken Coates))

Farmers, gov’t brace for possible railway labour problems (02-10-2015 - The Leader Post - Will Chabun (featuring Dionne Pohler))

Isabelle Nkapnang Djossi : de la curiosité au choc culturel (02-05-2015 - - Isabelle Nkapnang Djossi)

Accommodating First Nations in a resource economy (02-02-2015 - Global News - Ken Coates)

Supreme Court strikes down essential service law; cites ‘right to strike (01-30-2015 - The Leader Post - Will Chabun (featuring Dionne Pohler))

Supreme Court rules on essential services (01-30-2015 - CBC News Saskatoon - Featuring Dionne Pohler)

Premiers look to press senior care as key election issue (01-30-2015 - - James Munson (featuring Greg Marchildon))

Aboriginal revenue sharing is an idea whose time has come (01-23-2015 - The Globe and Mail - Gary Mason (Featuring Ken Coates))

University of Saskatchewan study shows union ads can breed resentment (01-19-2015 - CBC News Saskatoon - Josh Lynn (featuring Dionne Pohler))

Pressure prompted a hasty goodbye to lean consultants (01-02-2015 - The Star Phoenix - Janet French (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Politics drives lean contract decision (12-31-2014 - The Leader Post - (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Resource revenue sharing 'not going away' (12-15-2014 - The Leader Post - Jason Warick (featuring Ken Coates))

'Saskatchewan's moment' Bellegarde promises transformation after AFN election win (12-11-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Jason Warick (featuring Ken Coates))

Tumbling oil could reverse Sask.'s population boom (12-10-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Sean Trembath (featuring Rose Olfert))

Are Saskatchewan’s liquor policies leaving the poor behind? (11-08-2014 - Metro - Jacob Morgan (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Free bus service starts today: City to appeal legality of transit lockout (10-20-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Andrea Hill and Jason Warick (featuring Dionne Pohler))

City of Saskatoon will comply with labour board decision Administrators will meet with union tomorrow (10-17-2014 - CBC News - Dionne Pohler)

Oil prices not troubling Wall (10-17-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Emma Graney (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

City director moving to Dream Development (10-04-2014 - The Leader Post - Natascia Lypny (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

U of S prof says Hong Kong no Tiananmen (10-02-2014 - News Talk 650 CKOM - Bryn Levy (featuring Ken Coates))

Next step rests with province in healing First Nations relationship (09-21-2014 - The Daily Courier - Ken Coates)

Debating the city as business owner (09-17-2014 - The Leader Post - Natascia Lypny (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Dirks' appointment as education minister draws mixed reaction (09-16-2014 - Calgary Herald - Trevor Howell (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Revolution Lite? (09-15-2014 - Alberta Venture - Tim Querengesser (featuring Ken Coates))

Think tank study says Saskatchewan tuition rates are on the rise (09-10-2014 - Global News - Joel Senick (featuring Ken Coates))

Locals divided on Scottish referendum (09-05-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Evan Radford (featuring Daniel Beland))

Calls for inquiry persist: Wall, Bellegarde want investigation into aboriginal women's deaths, disappearances (08-26-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Betty Ann Adam (featuring Daniel Beland))

First Nations forestry plan injunction request denied (08-22-2014 - - CBC News (featuring Ken Coates))

First Nations Chiefs Look for Injunction on Forestry Deal (08-22-2014 - CBC Television - Ken Coates)

Controversy won't stop teacher contract negotiations, says STF (08-11-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Charles Hamilton (featuring Dionne Pohler))

Apparent discrepancy between First Nation chiefs’ salaries (08-04-2014 - Global Regina - Kim Smith (featuring Ken Coates))

A 3-day work week; why work-life balance experts aren’t convinced (07-25-2014 - Global News - Meaghan Craig (featuring Dionne Pohler))

Electoral system reform a work in progress (07-08-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Joe Couture (featuring Michael Atkinson))

Tsilhqot’in ruling means ‘a stronger seat at the table’ for First Nations (07-07-2014 - The Hill Times - Chris Plecash (featuring Ken Coates))

Will seamless health care in Canada forever remain a pipe dream? (06-09-2014 - The Financial Post - Rebecca Walberg (featuring Greg Marchildon))

Cabinet shuffle minimizes risk, academics say (06-07-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Joe Couture (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Boom masks innovation deficit (05-28-2014 - Regina Leader Post - Bruce Johnstone (Ken Coates))

Is it time to put your faith in politicians? (05-23-2014 - CBC Radio - 180 - Michael Atkinson)

An open letter on the Fair Elections Act (04-24-2014 - Canadian Dimension - )

Policy developed at street level (04-24-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Gerry Klein (featuring Cody Sharpe, PhD))

Devolution in Nunavut (04-22-2014 - CBC Television - Ken Coates)

From Northern Gateway to Keystone, the undefinable ‘social licence’ movement is in control of jobs and growth (04-22-2014 - Financial Post - Terence Corcoran (featuring Dale Eisler))

MLI study: Completing the devolution revolution in Canada’s North (04-17-2014 - NationTalk - )

Education act could change the way Sask. First Nations schools are run (04-11-2014 - the Star Phoenix - Janet French (featuring Ken Coates))

Sask. cities can avoid next slump by growing to 500,000 (04-10-2014 - CBC News - )

Should college and university professors attach "trigger warnings" to certain kinds of course material? (04-08-2014 - The Current - Anna Maria Tremonti (featuring Ken Coates))

Draude expenses scandal begs more transparency (04-07-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Joe Couture (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Yukon MLA wants ban on legislature’s long-time political ‘sport’ of floor-crossing (04-03-2014 - National Post - Tristin Hopper (featuring Ken Coates))

Voters' rights under attack (03-14-2014 - The Star Phoenix - )

Professors need to teach more (03-10-2014 - The Globe and Mail - Margaret Wente (featuring Ken Coates))

Broten marks one year as NDP leader (03-10-2014 - Leader Post - Joe Couture (featuring Ken Rasmussen))

Whose duty to consult? (03-10-2014 - The National Magazine - Doug Beazley (featuring Ken Coates))

Ontario policy to get kids thinking about careers at younger age draws praise (03-10-2014 - Woodstock Sentinel Review - Kelly Pedro (featuring Ken Coates))

Lack of information about late highway contracts a 'concern': professor (03-06-2014 - CBC News | Saskatchewan - Ken Rasmussen)

JOHNSTONE: Pointing the finger at the feds (02-28-2014 - The Leader-Post - Bruce Johnstone (Murray Fulton))

Peel land use battle will be precedent setting (02-27-2014 - CBC News - Ken Coates)

Tweet ignites debate (02-12-2014 - CTV News Channel - Ken Coates)

Casino talks 'positive first step,' expert says: Plan sees FSIN own all casinos (02-12-2014 - The Star Phoenix - Jason Warick (featuring Ken Coates))

Silence of the Labs (01-10-2014 - The Fifth Estate - Peter W.B. Phillips)

Gold junior wants government settlement after First Nation conflict (01-21-2014 - Republic of Mining - Ken Coates)

PCS cuts 440 Sask. Jobs: Province bears brunt of 1,045 total layoffs (12-05-2013 - The Leader-Post - Scott Larson (featuring Rose Olfert))

Potash firings will affect workers more than province (12-04-2013 - NewsTalk 650 CKOM - Karin Yeske (featuring Rose Olfert))

'Sad day' for PotashCorp: Saskatoon-based mining giant cuts hundreds of jobs (12-04-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Scott Larson (featuring Rose Olfert))

How scandal has become ingrained in our political way of life (11-28-2013 - Maclean's - John Geddes (commentary from Michael Atkinson))

Panel discusses merits of Sask. Futures Fund (11-27-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Scott Larson (featuring comments from Peter Phillips))

Provincial health spending slows (10-30-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Pamela Cowan (featuring Greg Marchildon))

A warning sign for the country. One of Canada's top authorities on aboriginal rights weighs in on Rexton situation. (10-18-2013 - CBC Information Morning Frederiction - Terry Seguin and Ken Coates)

Shale gas clash: Explosives, firearms seized in Rexton (10-18-2013 - - Ken Coates)

Disappearing act: As province booms, five towns fight decline (10-18-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Phil Tank (featuring Rose Olfert))

GOP's History Of Resistance To Social Welfare Programs (10-07-2013 - NPR - David Welna (featuring Daniel Beland))

Obamacare fight vs. birth of Social Security: Which was uglier? (10-01-2013 - NBC News - Allison Linn, CNBC (featuring Daniel Beland))

Referendum question confusion (09-23-2013 - | Blue Sky - Garth Materie (and Daniel Beland))

Heated discussion between Fougere and Holmes at wastewater debate (with video) (09-19-2013 - The Leader Post - Vanessa Brown)

Final push begins to sway Regina voters on wastewater referendum (09-17-2013 - The Leader Post - Vanessa Brown (featuring Dale Eisler))

Winning the natural resource lottery: A perspective from Ken Coates (09-04-2013 - Oil Sands Question and Response - Ken Coates)

Women in Iran under Rouhani’s presidency: week 3 – gender, cultural assumptions, and social policy (09-03-2013 - global.gender.current - Milad Pournik (featuring Rezvan Ostadali, MPA))

Where did Idle No More go? (08-30-2013 - - Laura Beaulne-Stuebing featuring Ken Coates)

Harper’s eighth Arctic tour ‘more nuanced, practical, realistic’ than previous years’ strong militaristic tone (08-26-2013 - The Hill Times - Chris Plecash (featuring Ken Coates))

The predicament of accountability (08-26-2013 - Postmedia News - Michael Woods (featuring Ken Coates))

Potash move could rock Saskatchewan: Falling prices expected to drop GDP (07-31-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Murray Fulton)

Potash plunge will 'hurt' province, expert says (07-31-2013 - - Peter Phillips)

Rival meetings hint at Aboriginal divisions (07-15-2013 - Metro News - Steve Rennie (featuring Ken Coates))

Young aboriginal women becoming education role models for their children (06-26-2013 - Montreal Gazette - Michael Woods (Postmedia News), featuring Ken Coates)

Research turns 'Indian problem' on its head (06-17-2013 - The Leader Post - Shinoah Young, featuring Cassandra Opikokew)

Chief accuses province of 'economic racism': Resource model slammed (06-07-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Jason Warick, featuring Ken Coates)

Atleo says time for ‘bold, transformative change’ for First Nations communities (05-20-2013 - The Hill Times - Matt Moir featuring Ken Coates)

Sask. immigration numbers jump: StatsCan survey (05-08-2013 - Global News Saskatoon - Aaron Streck featuring Haizhen Mou)

Thousands of immigrants flock to Saskatoon (05-09-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Jonathan Charlton featuring Ken Coates)

Surging population presents challenge (05-08-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Michael Woods featuring Ken Coates)

How to keep small towns from disappearing (04-15-2013 - Financial Post - Rick Spence, featuring Ken Coates)

Smoking and drinking help put budget in the black (03-21-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Michael Atkinson)

Budget Reaction (03-21-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Daniel Beland)

Budget 'tough,' but balanced (03-20-2013 - The Star Phoenix - Michael Atkinson)

Saskatchewan finance minister cautions provincial budget will be tight (03-19-2013 - Global Saskatoon - Michael Atkinson and Daniel Beland)

B.C. remains the Left Coast for a new generation: poll (03-18-2013 - Global BC - Ken Coates)

Wheat growers need to play active role in wheat research (p. 10) (02-07-2013 - The Western Producer - Bruce Dyck, Terry Fries, Barb Glen, D’Arce McMillan and Joanne Paulson (featuring Murray Fulton))

Levy, royalties suggested to boost wheat research (pg 5) (01-31-2013 - The Western Producer - Barry Wilson (featuring Murray Fulton))

Did Chief Spence's protest help cause? (01-24-2013 - PostMedia News - Ken Coates)

University's not meant to be easy (12-04-2012 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

Training mandatory for board members (10-24-2012 - The StarPhoenix - JSGS)

Access or quality – our universities can’t have both (10-20-2012 - The Globe and Mail - Ken Coates)

Health field's top minds to discuss looming issues (09-27-2012 - The StarPhoenix - Greg Marchildon)

Could voter turnout in Regina's 2012 election surpass 25%? (09-24-2012 - Leader-Post - Ken Rasmussen)

As Arctic Council debate heats up, mixed reaction to Aglukkaq (09-06-2012 - Embassy - Ken Coates)

Quebec shooting was an attack on all of Canada (09-06-2012 - The Globe and Mail - John D. Whyte)

Some in NDP race have a head start (09-01-2012 - The StarPhoenix - Ken Rasmussen)

Saskatchewan debates status as country’s lowest minimum wage (09-01-2012 - Metro Regina - Lihui Zhang)

Commission proposes urban federal ridings in Saskatchewan (08-07-2012 - The StarPhoenix - John Courtney)

Saskatchewan's electoral boundaries could be changing (08-07-2012 - CTV News Saskatoon - Ken Coates)

The benefits of learning by doing (06-09-2012 - Stratford Beacon Herald - Ken Coates)

Premier Brad Wall is still most well-liked in country (06-07-2012 - Metro Regina - Joe Garcia)

Saskatchewan braces for BHP's move on potash mine (05-31-2012 - The Globe and Mail - Murray Fulton)

Alberta leads nation with mini baby boom (05-29-2012 - Calgary Sun - Daniel Béland)

Cabinet shuffle on Wall's plate (05-23-2012 - Leader-Post - Ken Rasmussen and Joe Garcea)

Students offer consulting at no cost (05-14-2012 - Saskatoon Espress (Page 7) - Kristopher Schmaltz, MPP student and Sara McPhee Knowles, PhD student)

Regina mayoral candidate Chad Novak’s claims raise eyebrows (05-11-2012 - Leader-Post - Ken Rasmussen)

Some urge public vote on stadium - Mayoral candidates want public referendum (05-09-2012 - Leader-Post - Ken Rasmussen)

It appears Atlantic Canadians are more likely than those here in the Prairies to sympathize with the unemployed (05-03-2012 - The Richard Brown Show - News Talk 650 CKOM - Daniel Béland)

Alberta's Peter Lougheed easily tops list of Canada's best premiers (05-03-2012 - Edmonton Journal - Daniel Béland)

Business Structures and Agreements: Co-operatives Have a Long History in Agriculture (05-03-2012 - Farm Management Canada - Murray Fulton)

Loyal partisans just a slice of Saskatchewan’s political spectrum (04-27-2012 - The StarPhoenix - Stephen White)

Ethicist uncertain public favours city tax dollars for SK political dinners (04-18-2012 - News Talk 650 - Michael Atkinson)

Commission meets to redraw electoral boundaries (04-13-2012 - Leader-Post - John Courtney)

Perils of Senate reform (03-28-2012 - Winnipeg Free Press - David Smith)

Saskatchewan's federal ridings under review (03-27-2012 - CBC - John Courtney)

Commission to review Saskatchewan's federal electoral boundaries (03-27-2012 - Leader-Post - John Courtney)

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