JSGS Announces 2012-13 Nexen Scholarship Recipients

Jan 09, 2013

Nexen Scholarship Recipients

The Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy is pleased to announce the 2012-13 recipients of the Nexen Scholarship at the University of Saskatchewan campus.

Travis ReynoldsTravis Reynolds is a PhD candidate at JSGS whose research is focused on investigating the factors that influence demands for accountability.

With each new crisis or controversy, accountability is called for with increasing fervour and regularity. Accountability, however, is a two-edged sword. It can promote proper behaviour, greater efficiency, and good governance: or it can generate negative effects, resulting in organizational paralysis, poor decision making, and stifled innovation. Reynolds believes that a better understanding must be developed of the underlying characteristics of those who insist accounts be given, so that accountability’s costs and benefits can be properly balanced.

Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson is a MPP candidate at the JSGS with a BCom (Hons) (Dist) from the Edwards School of Business.  Kathy’s past experiences as a small business owner, federal public servant and student have resulted in a strong interest in developing a greater understanding generally, about how organizations engage employees in achieving their mandates, and specifically, about how public policy can influence these organizational human resource practices. 

Through developing new strategies that reflect the changing role of human resources, Kathy feels that public organizations and cooperatives can cultivate a more innovative, driven and cohesive workforce that is willing and able to withstand the impacts of today’s unique challenges.   In order to do this; however, they must find the delicate balance between the needs of their employees and those of other stakeholders.  To this end, Kathy intends to focus her research on developing a greater understanding about where this balance lies and how it might be achieved.  

Kristin BruceKristin Bruce is a MPP candidate at the JSGS whose research focuses on water policy. Her master’s thesis is a joint project with Agriculture Agri-Food Canada and the Global Institute for Water Security, supervised by Dr. Patricia Gober. 

Bruce plans to investigate two main themes. Firstly, the use or lack thereof, anticipatory governance strategies in targeted irrigation districts in the South East Water Supply system in Saskatchewan and the Old Man Basin in Alberta. Secondly, if the use of anticipatory governance strategies is mediated by the proportion of water currently allocated within these regions. She hopes her research will build the basis for a decision making tool that can be used by individuals facing water related issues on the ground, and will inform future water policy in both provinces.

These recipients will join last year’s Nexen Scholarship recipients - Cody Sharpe, Rosina K. Foli and Linsay Martens. The school would like to thank Nexen Inc for its generous contributions and for its continued investment in our students.



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