Donald T. Tansley

Named in honour of Donald D. Tansley and his remarkable career as a senior civil servant in Canada, this lecture highlights the various organizational approaches which have been used to implement innovative and often contentious policy decisions by governments. Each lecturer is selected on the basis of knowledge of, or experience with, using or adapting the machinery of government or the non-profit sector to achieve an ambitious policy objective or better serve the public interest. At times, this requires a major restructuring of government and its agencies or a reorientation of the public sector relative to other sectors in society.

"As a signature event of the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy since 2008, the Tansley Lecture brings together the government, corporate and university communities for a thought provoking lecture and an evening of conversation and networking. In 2011, we introduced an annual Policy Research Poster Presentation to be held in conjunction with the Tansley Lecture and we are pleased to repeat the experience this year. During cocktail hour, students will present posters summarizing their research activities, with opportunity for extended discussion and engagement with those attending the lecture. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be the top policy lecture of the year!" - Michael Atkinson, Executive Director, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

2015 Tansley Lecture

"Down the Social Media Rabbit Hole"
Presented by Chantal Hébert, National Affairs Columnist, The Toronto Star

2014 Tansley Lecture

"Public-Private Collaboration: The Key to Overcoming Some of our Toughest Challenges"
Presented by John Manley , P.C., O.C., President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

2013 Tansley Lecture

"Strategic Targets for Public Services: Lessons for Canada from the English Experience"
Presented by Peter C. Smith, Professor of Health Policy, Imperial College London

2012 Tansley Lecture

"In Defence of Political Staff"
Presented by Ian Brodie, Author, Friends of the Court; Former Executive Director, Conservative Party of Canada; Former Chief of Staff to Stephen Harper; Former Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Western Ontario

2011 Tansley Lecture

“Analysis and Evidence for Good Public Policy: The Demand and Supply Equation"
Presented by: Mel Cappe, Professor, School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto; Former President, Institute for Research on Public Policy; Former Clerk of the Privy Council, Government of Canada

2010 Tansley Lecture

"Implementing the Climate Change Policy Revolution in British Columbia"
Presented by: Jessica L. McDonald, Executive Vice-President, Western & International Development, HB Global Advisors Corp. and former Deputy Minister to the Premier, Government of British Columbia

2009 Tansley Lecture

"If You Build It, Will They Come? Overcoming Unforeseen Obstacles to Program Effectiveness"
Presented by: Dr. Kent Weaver, Professor of Public Policy and Government, Georgetown University and Senior Fellow in the Governance Studies Program, Brookings Institution

2008 Tansley Lecture

"The New Governing Balance: Politicians and Public Servants in Canada"
Presented by: Dr. David R. Zussman Jarislowsky, Chair in Public Sector Management, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa