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Amy Zarzeczny BA, LLB, LLM JSGS Faculty, U of R

Associate Professor, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina

Areas of Interest

  • Health law
  • Health and science policy
  • Governance of emerging, unproven and experimental medical interventions and biomedical technologies
  • Medical tourism


Amy Zarzeczny is an Assistant Professor with the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina campus. After completing law school at the University of Alberta, she clerked for Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench and Court of Appeal and practiced law with the firm of Reynolds, Mirth, Richards & Farmer LLP in Edmonton, Alberta.  Zarzeczny subsequently obtained her Master of Laws from the London School of Economics and Political Science, following which she held an Academic Trust appointment as a Research Associate with the University of Alberta’s Health Law Institute. Zarzeczny later served as Crown Counsel with the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General of Saskatchewan in the Policy, Planning and Evaluation Branch. She is now an External Research Fellow with the University of Alberta’s Health Law Institute, serves on the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Stem Cell Oversight Committee, and is an active pro bono member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan. Her research focuses on health law and health policy issues including, in particular, legal, bioethical and policy challenges associated with emerging biotechnology, unproven and experimental medical interventions and medical tourism. Her research has been funded by CIHR, Genome Canada and the Stem Cell Network. Zarzeczny also has a strong interest in health care administration and teaches courses in Health Law, Health Policy and Health Care Organization and Administration.

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  • Master of Laws (LLM) with Distinction, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with Distinction, University of Alberta 
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology with Distinction, University of Alberta

Recent Grants/Awards

Recent Research Funding and Grants

  • 2013-17 - Co-Applicant. “PACE- 'Omics: Personalized, Accessible, Cost-Effective applications of 'Omics technologies”, Genome Canada 2012 Large Scale Applied Research Project Competition
  • 2013-18 - Co-Applicant. “Canadian National Transplant Research Program”, CIHR Program Grant in Transplantation Research Grant Competition
  • 2012-17 - Fellow. “Developing Effective Policies for Managing Technologies for Rare Diseases”, CIHR Team Grant: Rare Diseases – Translating Basic Biology to Enhanced Patient Care
  • 2014-15 – Co-Principal Investigator. “Leveraging Social Media in the Stem Cell Sector: Improving Public Engagement and Information Dissemination Strategies”, Stem Cell Network Public Policy Impact Grant
  • 2012-13 – Project Lead & Principal Investigator. "An Examination of Professional Regulation's Role in Addressing Physician Involvement in Stem Cell Tourism", Stem Cell Network Public Policy Impact Grant

Select Publications

Journal Articles
  • Jeremy Snyder, YY Chen, Krystyna Adams, David Birch, Timothy Caulfield, Glen Cohen, Valorie Crooks, Judy Illes,  Amy Zarzeczny, “Navigating Physicians’ Ethical and Legal Duties to Patients Seeking Unproven Interventions Abroad” (2015) 61(7) Canadian Family Physician 584-586.
  • Amy Zarzeczny, “Saskatchewan Joins British Columbia in Introducing an Immunize or Mask Policy”, (2015) 3(1) Health Reform Observer DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13162/hro-ors.v3i1.2435.
  • Timothy Caulfield, Kalina Kamenova, Ubaka Ogbogu, Amy Zarzeczny et al. “Research Ethics and Stem Cells: Is It Time to Re-Think Current Approaches to Oversight?”, (2015) 16(1) EMBO Reports 2-6.
  • Amy Zarzeczny & Marianne Clark, “Unproven Stem Cell-Based Interventions & Physicians’ Professional Obligations; A Qualitative Study with Medical Regulatory Authorities in Canada”, (2014) 15:75 BMC Medical Ethics doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-75.
  • Timothy Caulfield & Amy Zarzeczny, “’Defining “Medical Necessity’ in an Age of Personalized Medicine: A View From Canada”, (2014) 36(9) BioEssays 813-817.
  • Amy Zarzeczny, Timothy Caulfield , Ubaka Ogbogu, et al. “Professional Regulation -Potentially a Valuable Tool in Responding to ’Stem Cell Tourism’”, (2014) Stem Cell Reports DOI: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2014.06.016.
  • Daryl Pullman, Amy Zarzeczny & André Picard, “Media, Politics and Science Policy: MS and Evidence from the CCSVI Trenches” (2013) 14(6) BMC Medical Ethics doi:10.1186/1472-6939-14-6.
  • Zubin Master, Amy Zarzeczny, Christen Rachul & Timothy Caulfield, “What’s Missing: Discussing stem cell translational research in educational information on stem cell ‘tourism’” (2013) 41(1) Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 254-268.
  • Timothy Caulfield, Christen Rachul & Amy Zarzeczny, “The Evolution of Policy Issues in Stem Cell Research: An International Survey” (2012) 8(4) Stem Cell Reviews and Reports 1037-1042.
  • Timothy Caulfield, Amy Zarzeczny & the Toronto Stem Cell Working Group, “Stem Cell Tourism and
  • Canadian Family Physicians” (2012) 58(4) Canadian Family Physician 365-368.
  • Amy Zarzeczny & Timothy Caulfield, “Legal Liability & Research Ethics Boards: The Case of Neuroimaging and Incidental Findings” (2012) 35 International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 137-145.
  • Christen Rachul & Amy Zarzeczny, “The Rise of Neuroskepticism” (2012) 35 International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 77-81.
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  • Timothy Caulfield, Christen Rachul & Amy Zarzeczny, “‘Neurohype’ and the Name Game: Who’s to Blame?” (2010) 1(2) American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 13-15.
  • Amy Zarzeczny & Timothy Caulfield, “Stem Cell Tourism & Doctors’ Duties to Minors” (2010) 10(5) American Journal of Bioethics 3-15.
  • Timothy Caulfield, Christopher Scott, Insoo Hyun, Robin Lovell-Badge, Kazuto Kato & Amy Zarzeczny, "Stem cell research policy and iPS cells" (2010) 7(1) Nature Methods 28-33.
  • Amy Zarzeczny, Christopher Scott, Insoo Hyun, et al., "iPS Cells: Mapping the Policy Issues" (2009) 139(6) Cell 1032-1037.
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  • Timothy Caulfield, Amy Zarzeczny, Jennifer McCormick, et al. “International stem cell environments: a world of difference” (2009) Nature Reports Stem Cells. Published online April 16, 2009: doi:10.1038/stemcells.2009.61

Book Chapters & Contributions to Edited Volumes

  • Amy Zarzeczny, Christen Rachul & Timothy Caulfield, “The Phenomenon of Stem Cell Tourism”, in Progenitor and stem cell technologies and therapies: Principles and Issues (Vol 1), Atala, A. ed. (Woodhead Publishing, 2012), pp. 206-233.
  • Ciara Toole, Amy Zarzeczny & Timothy Caulfield, “Research Ethics Challenges in Neuroimaging Research – A Canadian Perspective”, in International Neurolaw – A Comparative Analysis, Spranger, T.M. eds. (Springer, 2012), pp. 89-102.
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  • Tracey Bailey, Amy Zarzeczny & Timothy Caulfield, “Genetics and the Law”, in Canadian Health Law Practice Manual. (LexisNexis Canada, 2010).

Non-refereed Publications

  • Amy Zarzeczny, “Physician-assisted dying in Canada: Where do we stand after the Supreme Court’s Decision in Carter v. Canada?” (2015) Policy Brief (August): http://www.schoolofpublicpolicy.sk.ca/briefs/2015.08.18_JSGS-policybriefs-Assisted-Dying_WEB.pdf.
  • Maeghan Toews, Sonja Zoeller, Li Du, Amy Zarzeczny, “Inter-jurisdictional Comparison of Professional Regulations as a Tool to Address the Provision of Unproven Stem Cell Interventions” (2014) 22(3) Health Law Review 14-22.
  • Amy Zarzeczny, “The CCSVI Wave Sweeps Saskatchewan” (2012) 4(1) Western Policy Analyst 1-4.
  • Amy Zarzeczny, “Legal Policies Steer Direction of Stem Cell Research” (2009) 28(48) The Lawyers Weekly 15-16.

Current Courses

  • JSGS 827 – Health Care Organization and Administration
  • JSGS 835AT – Health Law and Policy
  • JSGS 817 – Health Policy

Current Research

  • Patient and public engagement and decision-making in health policy
  • Regulation of unproven stem cell-based interventions (“stem cell tourism”)
  • Health law and policy issues engaged by medical tourism
  • Organ donation law and policy in Canada, with a focus on issues related to transplant tourism
  • The impact of personalized medicine on Canadian health law and policy