JSGS Staff

Picture of  Anne  Ballantyne

Anne Ballantyne MA, BA Strategic Research Officer, Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy

Picture of  John Bird

John Bird MA, BA Academic Advisor

Picture of  Trent Blezy

Trent Blezy Student Experience Officer

Picture of  Brenda Buchanan

Brenda Buchanan MPA, B.Admin Governance Training Program Coordinator, Executive Education

Picture of  Sharri Dewey

Sharri Dewey BA Executive Training Program Coordinator, Executive Education

Picture of  Sherilee Diebold-Cooze

Sherilee Diebold-Cooze Executive Assistant to Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair

Picture of  Mike Dubois

Mike Dubois Indigenous Governance Program Coordinator, Executive Education

Picture of  Andrea Geisbauer

Andrea Geisbauer MPA, BAdmin Manager, Executive Education

Picture of  Constance Heshka-Argue

Constance Heshka-Argue Manager

Picture of  Tracey L. Howell-Perret

Tracey L. Howell-Perret Manager and Executive Assistant to the Director

Picture of  Karen Jaster-Laforge

Karen Jaster-Laforge BA Community Engagement Coordinator

Picture of  Emmy Neuls

Emmy Neuls Specialist, International Graduate Programs and Circumpolar Outreach

Picture of  Nadene Perry

Nadene Perry Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Picture of  Janice Yule

Janice Yule BSc Administrative Assistant

Picture of  Tianna Yaskow (on leave)

Tianna Yaskow (on leave) Student Experience Officer