JSGS 803
Quantitative Methods

Provides students with the statistical concepts and techniques required for conducting research and critically evaluating empirical studies. Topics include statistical inference, sampling theory, and data and regression analysis as applied to problems in public policy.

Course Offerings

Term 2 - Winter 2018 (2017/18 Academic Year)

  • U of R

    Instructor(s): V. Galushko
    Day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Time: 10:30-11:20am
    Room: RC050

Term 3 - Spring/Summer 2018 (2017/18 Academic Year) (Tentative)

  • U of R, VC to U of S campus

    Registration #: 21122
    Instructor(s): Tarun Katapally
    Day: Block
    Time: May 14-18 (9:00am-4:45pm)
    Room: 2R239.1.2

Term 1 - Fall 2018 - (2018/19 Academic Year) (Tentative)

  • U of S

    Instructor(s): TBC
    Day: TBC
    Time: TBC
    Room: TBD