JSGS 806
Public Policy Analysis

Focuses on the analysis of the processes whereby public policies arise and are enacted in Canada. The course compares theories and models of policy making and decision making to illustrate the special requirements of the Canadian environment and examines the roles of various participants in the policy process: legislators, political parties, interest groups, administrators and administrative structures, citizens, and the judiciary.

Course Offerings

Term 1 - Fall 2018 (2018/19 Academic Year)

Term 2 - Winter 2019 (2018/19 Academic Year)

  • U of R

    Registration #: 11855
    Instructor(s): Bruno Dupeyron
    Day: Monday
    Time: 6 - 8:45 pm
    Room: College Building 330
  • Online

    Registration #: 13005
    Instructor(s): Martin Boucher
    Day: Online
    Time: Online
    Room: Online