JSGS 846
Co-operatives in the New Economy: Institutions, Policy and Sustainability

This course examines how societal institutions and policy shape the role played by co-operatives in the economy, and how co-operative practices and innovations have in turn shaped these institutions and policy. Combining theoretical insights from the areas of institutions, economics, organizational behaviour, law and policy with case studies of co-operative organizations, the course allows students to develop their knowledge of the actions that both the state and co-operatives have undertaken, and provides students with a conceptual framework within which these actions can be viewed.

Course Offerings

Term 3 - Spring/Summer 2018 (2017/18 Academic Year)

  • U of S

    Registration #: 41461
    Instructor(s): Brett Fairbairn
    Day: Block
    Time: April 17 (5 – 8pm); May 7-12 (9am-3:30pm)
    Room: Conference Room (April), Canada Room (May)

Term 3 - Spring/Summer 2019

  • U of S

    Instructor(s): TBD
    Day: Block
    Time: TBD
    Room: TBD