October 2010 | Issue 1
New Voices: Essays on the Policy Process
Authored by: Patrick Falastein, Alison Hamilton, Paul Bretscher, Alicia Miller, Lenora Andres and Michal Janus

The public policy process is at the heart of effective policy making and good public policy. Howlett, Ramesh and Pearl (2009) have posited that the policy process involves six somewhat distinct phases, including agenda setting, policy formulation, decision making, imlplementaiton, evaluation and termination or renewal. The essays in this collection were selected from among 27 final assignments submitted in April 2010 in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for PUBP 806.3—Public Policy Processes—at the University of Saskatchewan. They represent a range of contemporary views from new voices on the challenges of the policy process in the 21st century.