The grim reality of Canada’s biggest policy failure

By: Dale Eisler, Senior Policy Fellow, JSGS

When it comes to judging a public policy approach, the starting point is to agree there is a reality that, based on existing social and economic norms, is unacceptable. With that ...

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Assessing Social Impact Bonds in Canada

By: Iryna Khovrenkov, Assistant Professor, JSGS, University of Regina; and Cindy Kobayashi, President, 4Change Consulting

In 2015, as part of his mandate letters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau identified the development of a Social Finance and Social Innovation Strategy as a priority. With Canada faci...

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An Effective Retail and Distribution Model for Recreational Cannabis

By: Dr. Jason Childs, U of R Associate Professor; George Hartner, U of R Lecturer

The looming legalization of recreational cannabis is a policy decision by the Government of Canada that has far-reaching social and economic implications.

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Legalizing Cannabis in Canada: Regulate, Educate, Mitigate and Innovate

By: Kathleen McNutt, JSGS Executive Director; Jason Childs, U of R Associate Professor; George Hartner, U of R Lecturer

The legalization of marijuana, whether as a point of public debate or explicit policy action, has been on the public mind in Canada for decades. It reaches back to the 1969 LeDain ...

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Climate Change: The policy options and implications for Saskatchewan

By: Jeremy Rayner, JSGS Professor; Margot Hurlbert, JSGS Professor; Dale Eisler, JSGS Policy Fellow; Jim Marshall, JSGS Executive-in-Residence

The Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy has issued an in- depth policy paper on climate change. It examines the policy instruments being used to reduce carbon emission...

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Canada Through Electrification of Energy Services

By: Allan Fogwill, President and CEO, Canadian Energy Research Institute; and Rimgaile Baliunaite, Head of Electricity Division, National Commission for Energy Control and Prices

Mitigating climate change is one of the most sophisticated challenges of our time. Governments across the world – including Canada – began to tackle climate change and work to achi...

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