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The Western Policy Analyst is a unique, online publication intended to provide policy makers and those interested in policy formation with useful, empirical analysis of western Canadian trends and issues. Provincial and federal government departments, business groups, academics, non-governmental organizations and municipalities are among the stakeholders who will find the information beneficial in gaining a further understanding of public policy.  The publication provides policy insights from a evidence-based point of view, based in part on information provided by Statistics Canada.

"Just reading the latest edition of your policy magazine. Another hit, in my view. What I really like about your approach is that the articles are concise, fact-rich and relevant to current policy issues." 

- Dylan Jones, President and CEO, Canada West Foundation 

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June 26, 2014

- Greenhouse Gas Emmissions in the West
- The Persistence of the Gender Wage Gap
- Economic Diversification ~ the Economic Elixir?
- Resource Revenues and Heritage Funds Revisited

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