Alumni Events

Policy Alumni Presentation and Networking Event

Keenan GeorgeOn May 23, 2012 the JSGS alumni association held an alumni event at Golf’s Steakhouse for past students, professors and public servants. The event featured an interesting presentation from Peter Phillips called Nudge Nudge, Blink Blink: How to Sway Public Policy. Some of the most interesting academic research in policy and economics is currently being done in behavioral economics. Understanding why and how people make their decisions will always be an important consideration when developing policy. Peter left us to consider how to better fine tune policy options to take into account how people will truly act.

The presentation was fantastic and was a great backdrop for reconnecting with old classmates. I find it amazing to see the professional development of everyone in such a short time. The passion we all share for public service remains high just like the days of writing essays and preparing for presentations in graduate school.  Better yet, alumni events bring together former colleagues and potential future colleagues. Everyone knows that networking is an asset and alumni events provide the perfect opportunity to meet career public servants like yourself.

I look forward to future alumni events and hope you will decide to come out to the next event as well.

Keenan George, JSGS Alumni

Pizza & Pint Alumni Social 

Pizza and Pint SocialOn October 18, 2011, the JSGS Alumni Association held the first of what will be many successful alumni events at Skara Restaurant in Regina. About a dozen JSGS alumni, a handful of JSGS faculty and staff, and this year’s student association representatives gathered in the back room to share in a pint, enjoy some delicious pizza, and listen to a captivating presentation entitled Stem Cell Tourism: Issues & Implications.

Guest speaker Professor Amy Zarzeczny did a nice job of guiding attendants through the historical and current debates on stem cell medical treatment.  As the newest member of the JSGS faculty, she brings a wealth of knowledge in the health policy and health law fields.  I appreciated the condensed half hour presentation, which allowed for some great insight into the topic as well as a few thoughtful questions, followed quickly by pizza and pints of beer. The best of two worlds!

Charlotte MorrisetteNetworking never gets old.  The event was a great opportunity for alumni to reconnect with former colleagues, meet other graduates, and discover where life and work has taken people after graduation. The diverse group that attended the event were from many backgrounds and are working within and outside the public service. 

The opportunity to have a casual (even, dare I say, fun!) conversation with others about our careers, hot topics of the day, and personal interests was a welcomed experience.  A big thank you to the JSGS, as they continue to provide such worthwhile opportunities for students, both current and past. 

I am looking forward to participating in future alumni events, and hope others will consider coming out. 


Charlotte Morrissette, JSGS Alumni