Students in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School, regardless of which campus they are registered at, can take courses at both campuses. To take a course at the campus that is not considered the student's home campus (i.e., where the student was admitted in the first instance), please contact the JSGS administrative office at your home campus for approval and processing. Courses can fill up quickly so students are encouraged to submit their request as early as possible. The rules and regulations of the university through which the course is taken will apply to the student.

Some JSGS courses may be available online or by videoconference (and will be clearly marked as such), but a majority of the courses require in-person attendance. Students taking a course that is not at their home campus will need to make arrangements to travel to the city in which the course is being offered.


  • Please be aware that condensed Spring/Summer courses may not meet eligibility requirements for student loans.  It is in your best interest to verify block course eligibility in advance of registration.
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Term 3 - Spring/Summer 2015 (Tentative)

JSGS 808Ethical Leadership and Democracy in Public ServiceU of SBlockMay 7 (5:30-8:15pm); May 14, 15, 20-22 (9:00am-4:45pm); June 5 (9:00am-12:00pm)TBD TBD
21193U of RBlockMay 7 (5:30-8:15pm); May 14, 15, 20-22 (9:00am-4:45pm); June 5 (9:00am-12:00pm)2R-210 (VC to UofS Campus)Ken Rasmussen
JSGS 814Biostatistics for Public Health21194U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineGavin Simpson
JSGS 818Program Evaluation21195U of RBlockMay 5 (5:30-8:15pm); May 11-15 (9:00am-4:45pm): May 30 (1:00-4:00pm)RIC 209, CL 345, RIC 209Brian Christie
JSGS 830 ABMHA Residency21196U of RMay 29-31ED 616Amy Zarzeczny
JSGS 832-001 (MPA/MCert)Population-Based Health Program Management21197U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMark Lemstra
JSGS 832-397 (MHA)Population-Based Health Program Management21198U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMark Lemstra
JSGS 834-001 (MPA/MCert)Financial Management of Health care Organizations21199U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineWallace Lockhart
JSGS 834-397Financial Management of Health care Organizations21201U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineWallace Lockhart
JSGS 847Strategic Planning21202U of RBlockMay 13 (5:30-8:15pm); May 25-29 (9:00am-4:45pm); June 10 (5:30-8:15pm)2R-210Tareq Al-Zabet
JSGS 864Social Policy21203U of RBlock June 1 (5:30-8:15pm); June 8-12 (9:00am-4:45pm); June 22 (5:30-8:15pm)2R-210 (VC to U of S campus)Loretta Gerlach
JSGS 868Resource and Environmental Policy41768U of SBlockMay 4-7 (9-11:50 am); May 11-14 (9-11:50am); May 19-22 (9-11:50am)Dief 129Jeremy Rayner
JSGS 878International Business Environment U of SonlineonlineonlineJames Leach and Wayne Robinson
JSGS 9910ABPublic Policy Seminar20533U of RInformation of Dates and times on JSGS websiteVariousVariousTBA
GRST 800AA (for all new students)Academic Integrity: Tutorial IU of ROnlineOnlineOnlineRandel Rogers

Term 1 - Fall 2015 (TENTATIVE)

JSGS 801 Governance and Administration31761U of RBlockSeptember 14-25 (9:00am-1:00pm)2R – 210Ken Rasmussen
91610U of SBlockSeptember 14-25 (8:00am - 12:00pm)Prairie RoomJeremy Rayner
JSGS 802Public Finance31762U of RTuesday7:00-9:45pmED 230Jim Marshall
JSGS 805Economics for Public Policy Analysis31763U of RSaturday9:00-11:45amED 558TBA
88845U of SWednesday5:30-8:30pmCanada RoomHaizhen Mou
JSGS 806Public Policy Analysis31764U of RWednesday5:30-8:15 pm2R – 210Bruno Dupeyron
90965U of SMonday1-4:30pmPrairie RoomPeter Phillips
JSGS 807Statistics for Public Managers31765U of RMonday5:30-8:15 pm2R – 210TBA
JSGS 812 (MPA/MCert)Aboriginal Health Policy31766U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMichèle Parent
JSGS 812 (MHA)Aboriginal Health Policy31767U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMichèle Parent
JSGS 820Micro-Economics for Policy Analysis31768U of RMonday and Wednesday2:30 - 3:45 pmCL 417Viktoriya Galushko
JSGS 821Macro-Economics for Policy Analysis31769U of RTuesday and Thursday2:30 – 3:45 pmCL 345Jason Childs
JSGS 827-001 (MPA/MCert)Health Care Organization and Administration31771U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineAmy Zarzeczny
JSGS 827-397 (MHA)Health Care Organization and Administration31772U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineAmy Zarzeczny
JSGS 829-001 (MPA/MCert)Decision Making & Leadership in Healthcare Orgs31773U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineTBA
JSGS 829-397Decision Making & Leadership in Healthcare Orgs31774U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineTBA
JSGS 830 AAMHA Residency32631U of RSeptember 25-27TBAED 623Amy Zarzeczny
JSGS 833-001 (MPA/MCert)Performance Measurement in Health Care Orgs31775U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMichele Arscott
JSGS 833-397 (MHA)Performance Measurement in Health Care Orgs31776U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineMichele Arscott
JSGS 846Cooperatives in the New Economy91618U of SMondays (beginning September 28)5-9:15pmPrairie RoomBrett Fairbairn
JSGS 851Qualitative Methods90170U of STuesday1-4:15pmCanada RoomKeith Walker
JSGS 853Negotiation and Conflict ResolutionU of SBlock (November 9, 10, 12, 13, 14)9am - 4:45pmCanada RoomBob Hawkins
JSGS 864Social Policy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives91613U of SEvery Friday (beginning September 29-October 23); plus October 1, 8, 15, 22, 28, 291-4:30pmCanada Room (VC to U of R campus)Daniel Beland
JSGS 865Decision Making in Organizations31777U of RThursday9:00-12:00 pm 2R - 110.22 (VC from U of S campus)Ken Rasmussen
88850U of SThursday8:45am - !2pmCanada Room (VC to U of R campus)Peter Phillips
JSGS 869PhD Reading Course32634U of RFriday9:00-12:00 pm2R - 110.22Various
JSGS 871Research Methods in International Trade Policy88886U of SOnlineOnlinen/aLisa Clark
JSGS 874International Monetary Economics89153U of SOnlineOnlinen/aMax Chaban
JSGS 877International Commercial Transactions89154U of SOnlineOnlinen/aRob Dobrohoczki
JSGS 879The Management of Technology90173U of SOnlineOnlinen/aSanj Singh
JSGS 883Essential for Public Policy and Administration91620U of SBlockSept. 8 – 11 (9am – 4:45pm)Prairie RoomKeith Walker
JSGS 990ABPublic Policy Seminar31783U of RDate and times on JSGS websiteVariousVariousVarious
GRST 800AA (all new students(Academic Integrity: Tutorial I32629U of ROnlineOnlineOnlineRandel Rogers

Term 2 - Winter 2016 (TENTATIVE)

JSGS 801Governance and Administration29711U of SMonday5:30-8:30pmPrairie RoomJeremy Rayner
JSGS 802Public Finance29545U of SThursday5:30-8:30pmPrairie RoomHaizhen Mou
JSGS 803Quantitative Methods and Research Design31523U of SMonday1-4pmPrairie RoomHaizhen Mou
JSGS 808Ethical Democracy and Leadership32260U of STuesday5:30-8:30pmPrairie RoomBrett Fairbairn
JSGS 849Social Economy and Public Policy29751U of SMonday9am - 12pmPrairie RoomBrett Fairbairn
JSGS 859Innovation Policy31048U of SThursday1 – 4 pm Canada RoomPeter Phillips
JSGS 870Water Policy in an Age of Uncertainty30811U of SBlockFeb. 16-20, 8:30 am – 5 pm Prairie RoomPatricia Gober
JSGS 880Advanced Governance Analysis32262U of STuesday1 - 4pmPrairie RoomDionne Pohler
JSGS 882Strategic Management in the Public Sector32264U of SWednesday5:30 - 8:30 pmPrairie RoomDionne Pohler
JSGS 898Ideas in Public PolicyU of SEvery Friday (except Feb. 12 and April 1), plus Feb. 10 and April 6 1 - 4pmPrairie RoomDaniel Beland

Term 3 - Spring Summer 2016 (Tentative)

JSGS 807Stats for Public ManagersU of SBlockMay 9-26, 1-4pmCanada RoomMurray Fulton
JSGS 838Public Sector Financial ManagementU of SBlockMay 30-June 10, 10am - 3 pmCanada RoomIryna Kryvoruchko
JSGS 863Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy U of SBlockApril 25 week (in Saskatoon); May 2 week (in Regina)Canada RoomKen Coates
JSGS 880Advanced Governance AnalysisU of SBlockMay 9-26, 9 am – 12 noon Canada RoomDionne Pohler
JSGS 884Professional PlanningU of STBDTBDCanada RoomKeith Walker