JSGS U of R Campus

Picture of  Heidi Eger

Heidi Eger BA, BAdmin Academic Advisor

Picture of  Karen Jaster-Laforge

Karen Jaster-Laforge BA Community Engagement Coordinator

Picture of  Laura MacDonald

Laura MacDonald Administrative Assistant

Picture of  Sadia McInnes

Sadia McInnes MSc, BSc Administrative Manager

Picture of  Marjorie Murray

Marjorie Murray BBA, MAdmin Student Experience Officer

Picture of  Nadene Perry

Nadene Perry Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

JSGS USask Campus

Picture of  Marilyn Black

Marilyn Black Outreach and Program Advancement Coordinator for Indigenous Initiatives

Picture of  Amy Hassett

Amy Hassett BA Manager, Graduate Programs (On-Site Delivery), USask

Picture of  Samantha Lamborn

Samantha Lamborn BComm Strategic Business Advisor, Human Resources

Picture of  Chelsea Lavallie

Chelsea Lavallie Administrative Coordinator (Finance)

Picture of  Amber McCuaig

Amber McCuaig Executive Officer – Administration, Strategic Planning, and Projects

Picture of  Heather McWhinney

Heather McWhinney MA, BA (Honours) Student Writing Advisor

Picture of  Emmy Neuls

Emmy Neuls Manager, Graduate Programs (Distance Delivery), GENI and Online MPA, USask

Picture of  Michael Olain

Michael Olain CGA, CPA, BComm Strategic Business Advisor, Finance

Picture of  Sarah Valois (on leave)

Sarah Valois (on leave) CPA, MPAcc, BComm Strategic Business Advisor, Finance

Picture of  Jocelyne Wasacase-Merasty

Jocelyne Wasacase-Merasty MNGD Indigenous Case Studies Coordinator

JSGS Executive Education Unit

Picture of  John Bird

John Bird MA, BA Indigenous Governance Program Coordinator

Picture of  Sharri Dewey

Sharri Dewey BA Executive Training Program Coordinator, Executive Education

Picture of  Andrea Geisbauer

Andrea Geisbauer MPA, BAdmin Manager, Executive Education

Picture of  Jamie Mayoh-Bauche

Jamie Mayoh-Bauche MAdEd, PSGov, BA, BEd Instructional Designer

Picture of  Janice Yule

Janice Yule BSc Administrative Assistant, Executive Education

Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives

Picture of  Stan  Yu

Stan Yu Research and Communications Coordinator, Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives

Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy

Picture of  Bethany Penn

Bethany Penn MPA Research and Operations Manager, Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy

Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre

Picture of  Cheyanne Desnomie

Cheyanne Desnomie MA, BA Hons Acting Director and Indigenous Research & Engagement Platform Lead

Picture of  Alexandra Fontaine

Alexandra Fontaine MA, BA Indigenous Research & Engagement Expertise Specialist, IPHRC

Picture of  Moses Gordon

Moses Gordon MPP, BA, CE Senior Analyst, IPHRC

Picture of  Tammara  Quewezance (on leave)

Tammara Quewezance (on leave) Administrative Assistant, IPHRC

Picture of  Christa Windigo

Christa Windigo Administrative Assistant, IPHRC

North West Saskatchewan Policy Unit (Policy North)

Picture of  Gregory Finnegan

Gregory Finnegan PhD, MA, BA Hons Manager, Policy North