The University of Regina’s online application form includes a personal statement section where applicants are asked to answer the following four questions:

  1. Please describe your specific area of academic interest, and explain what motivated you to choose this area.
  2. Describe how your past education, professional and other experiences have prepared you to be successful in this graduate program.
  3. Describe what you hope to achieve in this graduate program.
  4. Describe why this particular graduate program at University of Regina may help you fulfill your long term aspirations/objectives.

As you answer these questions, please keep in mind the Admissions Committee is assessing your ability to write in a clear, coherent and professional manner. You should make every effort to ensure your personal statement is free of spelling and grammatical errors, is properly referenced (if applicable), and concise. Please limit your response to each of the questions to no more than 200 words.

The MPP is a research degree. Your personal statement offers you the chance to describe your interests and fit with the MPP program. It also provides you the opportunity to clearly detail your background and preparation, the ideas and methods that you bring to public policy and an indication of the particular areas of public policy that interest you. As you answer the application questions listed above, please address the following points: your motivation for pursuing a research degree (rather than a course-based graduate degree); any research or relevant practical experience you may have; particular theories, ideas or methods you are interested in exploring, and how your research interests fit within our School’s identified areas of research concentration (Governance, Social Policy and Inequality, and Innovation, Science and Technology).

This statement is an opportunity to show your personality, critical thinking ability, and interest in public policy research. It will also assist the Admissions Committee in determining whether there is a match among the faculty to supervise you in one of your proposed areas of research. You do NOT need to include a well-developed research proposal at the time of application.