Alumni Association

Meet your alumni representatives

Colten Goertz Colten Goertz, MPP'17
President and Secretary of Administration, JSGS Alumni Association
Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Environment, Government of Saskatchewan
Nathalie Atanasova Nathalie Atanasova, MPA'21
Treasurer, JSGS Alumni Association
Planning and Budgeting Coordinator, Ministry of Highways, Government of Saskatchewan
Cathy Wheaton Bird Cathy Wheaton Bird, MNGD’12
Secretary of Communications, JSGS Alumni Association
Coordinator of Roots of Hope Project, Saskatchewan Health Authority
Olivia Auriat Olivia Auriat, MPA'19
Board Director (Mentorship Program), JSGS Alumni Association
Policy Manager, Ontario Forest Industries Association
Derrick Lepine Derrick Lepine, MPA'17
Board Director (Events), JSGS Alumni Association
Director, Labour Market – Intergovernmental, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, Government of Saskatchewan
Kayla Brodersen Kayla Brodersen, MPP'22
Board Director, JSGS Alumni Association
Policy Analyst, Strategic Research and Data Innovation, Indigenous Services Canada

Bernadet Hamill Bernadet Hamill, MPA'17
Board Director, JSGS Alumni Association
Strategic Business Advisor, Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, Government of Saskatchewan
Alberto Ortiz Aaron Wirth, MPA'10
Board Director, JSGS Alumni Association
Executive Director, Climate Change Branch, Ministry of Environment, Government of Saskatchewan

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JSGS chapters

Why set up or join an alumni chapter? 

Chapters can be a consistent, accessible and fun way to stay in touch with your colleagues from your program and school.   

Setting up a chapter (or joining a chapter) is an excellent way to meet new people and develop connections with individuals who share similar interests.  Becoming involved is an excellent way to stay informed.  Career opportunities, networking events and news from the school are all great examples of the value of an alumni chapter.  And finally, belonging to an alumni chapter is a great way to show pride both in your school and your program!

How can I start a chapter?

You can begin by informally meeting as a group and sending out invitations to people who attended JSGS in your area.  Once a group of individuals have come together, please forward us the names and contact information.  We will be able to contact you directly when we have events on campus or faculty members travelling outside of Regina and Saskatoon to your community.

To formally create an alumni chapter, please submit the following information to Erica Schindel,   

  • the proposed name of your local chapter;
  • a brief description of the group and the geographic location in which you intend for the group to operate;
  • the benefits this group will provide to your fellow JSGS alumni; 
  • proposed initial events and/or initiatives of the group;
  • any active social media links for the group (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn); and
  • the name(s) and contact information for the group lead(s).

Volunteer Opportunities within JSGS

Mentoring Program

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In-Class Speaking Opportunities

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Serve as a Competition Judge

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