Student Poster Showcase

The CAPPA Graduate Student Poster Showcase is an excellent way for both masters and doctoral students to prepare and present research resulting from their program work.  Held in conjunction with the annual CAPPA conference, posters will be presented during the CAPPA conference lunch on June 1, 2018.  Showcase students will be asked to attend to their posters and respond to any questions and discuss their research during this time, but are otherwise free to attend CAPPA and Congress events.

Key dates

  • Now! – Submit your abstract to be considered.  Abstracts are submitted on an ongoing basis to a maximum of 10 posters accepted into the Showcase.
  • March 31 – Last day to take advantage of the Early Bird registration deadline
  • April 30 – Last day to submit abstracts (note, limit of 10 may be reached before this date – submit abstracts early to avoid disappointment!)
  • May 14 – Last day to submit poster for printing

Who can enter?

The CAPPA Poster Showcase is open to all current masters and doctoral students studying public administration and policy.

How to enter

Submit an abstract to  Abstracts will be accepted into the showcase on an ongoing basis between now and ending April 30, 2018 to a maximum of 10 abstracts accepted.  Students will be contacted within a week of submitting their abstract by email confirming whether they have been accepted into the showcase.


Poster Showcase students are required to fully register for the 2018 CAPPA Conference and 2018 Congress.  Registration is available online here.  Take advantage of the early bird rate to receive a discount on registration fees – which ends March 31, 2018 (full price registration is available after this date).

Financial support for students is available through Congress.  The deadline for Congress funding has now passed.

What to include in your abstract

  • Title
  • Text – 250 words describing your research and the purpose of your poster
  • Your name and contact information – email address, phone number, educational affiliations
  • Name & credentials of faculty member supporting your poster – note, the faculty member should review the abstract and final poster before submission. Credentials to include are title, university, contact phone or email.

Poster submission

Once you have been accepted into the showcase, start preparing your poster!
  • Posters will be submitted using the 2018 CAPPA Poster Showcase template. Posters must be submitted as Power Point files, not as PDFs or in other formats.
  • Posters will be printed in Regina by CAPPA Conference staff. Final posters must be submitted by May 14, 2018 to

Poster submission – format requirements

  • Poster Size – 3 x 3 feet
  • Title – Located on the top left hand corner of the poster
  • Author(s) – Author names immediately follow the title on the top, left hand of the poster
  • Supporting Faculty Member – note name and affiliation underneath student name

Recommended text colour and font sizes

  • The title should be concise and informative, bold with large font that is easy to read from 4 meters away
  • Recommended fonts:  Myriad Pro Condensed or Calibri
  • Recommended font sizes
    • Title - 88
    • Subtitle - 60
    • Student Name(s) - 55
    • Content Headings - 72
    • Key words - 44
    • Body content - 36

These font sizes are recommendations only.  Sizes can be adjusted to ensure a proper fit of the material presented.  Ensure colours used for the text are visible and easy to read when printed.  Use no more than two or three colours.

Additional recommendations

  • Make your poster eye-catching and attractive
  • Keep the content simple, using clear, concise sentences
  • Avoid clutter – include only essential content and data
  • Poster content will not be edited once submitted – please review the poster prior to submitting it and ask a friend or colleague to proofread it with a fresh set of eyes!
  • Displayed materials should be self-explanatory, allowing you to expand on points during discussions with interested conference participants.
  • Ensure figures and photographs are of high quality.  Labels and arrows should be bold and easily seen.
  • Colour can be used to emphasize points.  Be mindful of colour choices as some colour combinations can hinder readability.

Note – Poster Showcase Students are invited to take their posters home with them once the CAPPA conference is over.

Any questions on the CAPPA Graduate Student Poster Showcase?  Please contact event organizers at   

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