JSGS 849
Social Economy and Public Policy

The social economy includes non-profit, community-based organizations, and co-operatives. This course focuses on how these organizations interplay with the public policies of different levels of government. Using case studies, students will examine administrative public policy, such as how the social economy is funded and how it is evaluated and held accountable, as well as substantive public policy, including community capacity building and partnership development. The course also includes a field trip to learn about local social economy organizations at work and guest lecturers, including both researchers and practitioners.

Course Offerings

Term 2 - Winter 2020 - (2019/20 Academic Year)

  • U of S

    Registration #: 28527
    Instructor(s): Jacqueline Woods
    Day: Monday
    Time: 1:00 – 3:50 pm
    Room: DIEF 129