Program Overview

Government of Saskatchewan

The Board of Revision (BoR) Training Program has been designed for current or future members, chairs and secretaries of boards of revision in Saskatchewan. This program focuses on:

  • Principles of Administrative Justice
  • Property Assessment Concepts in Saskatchewan
  • Effective Hearings/Administrative Tribunal Proceedings
  • Rules of Evidence for Administrative Tribunals
  • Post Administrative Tribunal Hearing Deliberation and Decision Writing
  • Plain Language in Administrative Tribunal Proceedings and Decisions
  • Interpreting Legislation/Application of Legal Tests
  • Compiling a Proper Record of Hearing
  • Administrative Tribunal Case Management
  • The Role of the Chairperson
  • The Role of the Secretary

Note: This is an introductory course.  You will not be an expert after this course and if you need further information you should consult additional resources and seek legal advice if needed. 

Please be advised that members and secretaries of boards of revision have to follow the legislative requirements in terms of training and certification.

Program Delivery and Key Information

This program is completely online. Once activated, participants have 10 weeks to complete the Modules and the corresponding quizzes. The program should take participants less than 20 hours to complete, however that will vary based on your own approach to learning/reading and preparing for quizzes. 

Participants must get 70% on each of the quizzes to pass the program.

Participants will have two opportunities to earn 70% or above on the quizzes. If they are unsuccessful after two attempts, they must re-register and re-take the program.

Participants who already have relevant experience and training can opt to choose the "Direct to Examination" option. These participants have one opportunity to earn 70% or above on the quizzes. If they are unsuccessful, they will be given access to the program content and will have one more opportunity to pass the exam. If they are unsuccessful on the second attempt, they must re-register and re-take the program.

The Johnson Shoyama Graduate School will share aggregate information with the Ministry of Government Relations, which includes your name and whether you have completed the program. Specific details about grades or attempts will not be shared.

A certificate of completion will be issued electronically upon successfully completing the program. This will be emailed to you a few days after you complete the program.

Program Developers

Content for the Board of Revision (BoR) Training Program was developed by:

Keith Comstock Keith Comstock
Former Assistant Deputy Minister of Government Relations, Government of Saskatchewan; JSGS Executive-in-Residence

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Jamie Mayoh-Bauche Jamie Mayoh-Bauche
Instructional Designer


BOR Fundamentals:

Challenge the Exam:

Training Program and Exam

Direct to Examination

$100 +GST

$100 +GST

$100  No GST

$100  No GST

Please note:

  • If you have a promo/discount code, you will be asked to apply it during the registration process.
  • If you are GST exempt, you will need to provide your exemption number during the registration process.
  • There are no refunds for cancellations, and we are unable to transfer registrations to another participant. However, if you start the program and need to temporarily pause the programming for any reason, we can allow for a defer in the timing to complete.

Upon submission of your registration, you will receive an email receipt. Within 3 business days, you will be sent a detailed email with instructions on how to access the program, which is run through Canvas (Learning Management System). You will have to create your own password.

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