Picture of  Moses Gordon

Moses Gordon MPP, BA, CE Associate Director/Platform Lead

Moses Gordon is from the George Gordon First Nation. He holds a Master's of Public Policy, a Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Certificate in Economics from the University of Regina. Moses is currently a specialist on the Indigenous Research and Engagement Platform with SCPOR. Prior to working at IPHRC, Moses spent over three years working in research at the First Nations University of Canada. In addition to his professional roles, he also serves on the board of directors for George Gordon Developments Ltd., the economic development arm of the George Gordon First Nation, as well as the Indigenous Advisory Circle at the University of Regina.

As the Associate Director and Platform Lead - Indigenous Engagement and Research Expertise (IREE) housed out of IPHRC's Regina location, Moses is responsible for overseeing the IREE platform and providing strategic guidance to the centre and platform. Promoting the wellbeing of First Nation communities has consistently remained the underlying passion that drives his career. While his foray into health research is a recent one, he arrived from a multidisciplinary background in research on Indigenous nation rebuilding in respect to business development and governance reform. An avid bookworm, Moses strongly believes that the pen is mightier than the sword.