Our Services

Policy North supports community and economic development, through planning, grant writing, and facilitating meetings. We actively respond to community requests for support through open dialogue. As part of our work, we research the problem, interface with experts in the various applied fields being addressed, and deliver timely and evidence-based reports with recommendations.

Policy North’s primary services include:

  • Regional economic development research and planning
  • Innovation and economic development opportunities, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, remediation and restoration projects
  • Entrepreneurship development (programs, coaching, research, networking)
  • Financial planning, grant writing, and investment opportunities
  • Support for business start-ups (business plan writing, business coaching networks, workshops)
  • Government relations and intergovernmental forums, planning, agenda development, networking

Secondary services include:

  • Data acquisition and collection
  • Data compilation/integration/linkage
  • Data modelling
  • Project planning and evaluation
  • Project design and budgeting
  • Report compilation and writing
  • Publications support
  • Facilitating community meetings and community-industry forums
  • Conducting community and corporate surveys/questionnaires
  • Permitting/permissions/licenses
  • Networking remote communities with problem solvers
  • Communication strategies

As needed, Policy North brings together business specialists, governance, public policy, and technical experts to address the challenges our stakeholders need assistance with. Our strength lies in our networks, our experience and our knowledge and our willingness to listen, learn and address the issues that our Indigenous clients are bringing to our attention.