Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Canada Through Electrification of Energy Services

By: Allan Fogwill, President and CEO, Canadian Energy Research Institute; and Rimgaile Baliunaite, Head of Electricity Division, National Commission for Energy Control and Prices

Mitigating climate change is one of the most sophisticated challenges of our time. Governments across the world – including Canada – began to tackle climate change and work to achi...

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Finding an Affordable Housing Option: Social Business as the ‘New’ Policy Tool?

By: Kh Md Nahiduzzaman, Assistant Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia)

Housing affordability is a growing concern in Canada, which is one of the few Western nations that largely depends on market forces to supply its housing stock. It has emerged as a...

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Crime in Saskatchewan: The issue too many would rather ignore

By: Dale Eisler, Senior Policy Fellow, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

If there is one subject that does more reputational damage to Saskatchewan than any other, even more than the weather and geography, it’s the province’s crime rate. For decades, Sa...

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Science and innovation policy for the 21st century: Shaping the dialogue

By: Peter W.B. Phillips, Distinguished Professor, JSGS; Director, Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy; Peggy Schmeiser, Assistant Professor, JSGS; Associate Director, Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy

Generating, developing and applying science and innovation to benefit humanity at local and global levels has never been more important and challenging for decision-makers in the p...

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Energy inefficiency of Canadian goods producing industries: Policy opportunities

By: Jason Childs; Samuel Gamtessa

Canadians face a daunting challenge. The Government of Canada has committed to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) to 522.9 million tonnes by 2030, a 32 per cent reduction ...

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Legalization of Cannabis: The Policy Challenges and Opportunities

By: Kathleen Thompson, PhD, MSW, RSW, BA (Hons)

As Canada looks at legalizing Cannabis, Dr. Kathleen Thompson examines how we might do that and which part of the country might benefit the most.

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