The Politics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence

By: Dr. Justin Longo (PhD) and Amy Zarzeczny (LLM), Associate Professors, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies offer important opportunities for society, from medical care to driverless cars. But these technologies also raise...

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Net Zero 2050: Rhetoric and Realities

By: Henry Geraedts, Adjunct Professor, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan

Canada’s interests are ill-served by wishful politics.

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Competitiveness in a Protectionist World: Should We Send in the Diplomats?

By: Kevin Lynch, former Clerk of the Privy Council and Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister

Often governments get siloed in their thinking. They become so immersed in how they traditionally approach public policy issues that they fail to broaden their perspectives in sear...

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Enhancing Social Inclusion for Older Adults Living with Dementia: A Community-Based Collective Impact Approach in Rural Saskatchewan

By: Tom McIntosh, Akram Mahani, Bonnie Jeffery and Nuelle Novik, Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit, University of Regina

The social isolation of older adults, especially those living with dementia, is a global challenge and Canada is no exception. Most factors that contribute to social isolation amon...

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Canada Grain Act Review and Industry Goods: Lessons from Australia

By: Dr. Monika Çule, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Economics, University of Regina; and Dr. Richard Gray, Professor, Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, University of Saskatchewan

This Policy Brief examines whether there are lessons to be learned from how Australia ensured industry-related public goods in its domestic grains sector as it transitioned to a mo...

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Innovation Policy: Lessons from the Pandemic

By: Dr. Jerome Konecsni, CEO, ABAzyne Bioscience

This issue of JSGS Policy Brief is part of a series dedicated to exploring and providing evidence-based analysis, policy ideas, recommendations and research conclusions on the vari...

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