About the JSGS-SA

The Johnson Shoyama Graduate School Students’ Association (JSGS-SA) is the main interface between the graduate student body and the faculty and administration. Representing all students of the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School (JSGS) at both the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan campuses, the JSGS-SA's core aim is to serve its fellow students by making everyone’s experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

JSGS-SA logo

What does the JSGS-SA do?

While much goes on behind the scenes, the JSGS-SA's most recognizable activities are its social and professional development events. These include networking events such as the annual ‘Wine and Cheese’ in Regina, community outreach and volunteer activities such as food drives, and social events such as trivia or bowling.

What does JSGS-SA look like?

The JSGS-SA operates as one group representing the interests of students on both campuses. The JSGS-SA Executive is made up of representatives from both the U of R and USask campuses.

How can you get involved?

The JSGS-SA has a core executive group, which consists of the President, two Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer, the Social Events Director, and the Communications Director. These members are nominated and elected in early April. The official transition between administrations starts in late April. Role descriptions will be provided prior to the election. 

In addition to the core executive group, the JSGS-SA has also defined a number of key roles where you can get involved. These “lighter options” positions include membership on key committees, such as the EDI Representative. 

Interested in helping but not wanting a formal role? The JSGS-SA encourages you to volunteer at any point throughout the year as a “member-at-large”. You’re welcome from the first to the last day of your program, and any duration in between.

Also, be sure to connect with the JSGS-SA on social media,  Facebook and  Twitter, and through its WhatsApp groups (USask campus and U of R campus)

JSGS-SA Representatives

JSGS-SA Executive

  • President (U of R) - Kezia-Grace Macbruce
  • Vice-President (USask) - Heather Barlow 
  • Vice-President (U of R) - Reed Langen 
  • Treasurer (U of R) - Dharti Parekh 
  • Assistant Treasurer (USask) - Carlene Shaw
  • Secretary (U of R) - Xiaona Xu 
  • Social Events Director (USask) - Eylin Jorge Coto
  • Social Events Director (U of R) - Dina Nurzhigitova
  • Communications Director (USask) - Candice Minott

JSGS-SA Members

  • Student Representative for the JSGS Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee – Avery Kewistep
  • Members-at-large – Pending update

 Contact them at jsgs.sar@gmail.com and jsgs.sas@gmail.com

Kezia-Grace MacBruce

heather-barlow_vp.jpeg Reed Langen Dharti Parekh
Kezia-Grace Macbruce, President (U of R) Heather Barlow, Vice-President (USask) Reed Langen, Vice-President (U of R) Dharti Parekh, Treasurer (U of R)
Carlene Shaw Xiaona Xu Eylin Jorge Coto Dina Nurzhigitova
Carlene Shaw, Assistant Treasurer (USask) Xiaona Xu, Secretary (U of R) Eylin Jorge Coto, Social Event Director (USask) Dina Nurzhigitova, Social Event Director (U of R)
Candice Minott Avery Kewistep
Candice Minott, Communications Director (USask) Avery Kewistep, EDI Representative