Blueprint 2020 Student Essay Competition

Wayne WoutersOn June 7, 2013, Wayne Wouters, the now former Clerk of the Privy Council and Head of the Public Service, launched the Blueprint 2020 vision and an engagement initiative encouraging federal public servants and Canadians to contribute their ideas on how to make the Blueprint 2020 vision a reality. Blueprint 2020: Getting Started – Getting Your Views, articulates a vision of a Public Service with four guiding principles:

  • An open and networked environment that engages citizens and partners for the public good;
  • A whole‐of‐government approach that enhances service delivery and value for money;
  • A modern workplace that makes smart use of new technologies to improve networking, access to data and customer service; and,
  • A capable, confident and high‐performing workforce that embraces new ways of working and mobilizes the diversity of talent to serve the country’s evolving needs.

Are you interested in researching ideas about the future of the Federal Public Service and how to make it and Canada better? Open to all master’s‐level students enrolled in a Canadian university, this competition is your chance to make a difference and get your ideas heard by leaders at the most senior levels of the public service.

This competition is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration, the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans and universities nationwide, in collaboration with the Dalhousie University Rowe School of Business, the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, the Canada School of Public Service and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC).

Past JSGS Finalists

2014-15 Top 10 Finalists category Paper
Kendra Gellner Destination 2020: Unpacking the Innovation Agenda
Evan Horbay Blueprint 2020: Changing Demographics, Participation, and the Smart Use of Technology
Richard Rieger A New CODE for Governing Information Technology Usage: Analysis of Information Technology Policies in the Federal Public Service
2013-14 Top 10 Finalists category
Amanda Vindevoghel Cundall A Cultural Shift: Mental Wellness in the Public Service of Canada
William Robinson Building the Public Service of the Future
Tracey Morgans Transforming Culture in the Workplace
Rayelle Johnston Investing in Access to Information to Support Public Service Values of Respect for Democracy Service to the Public and Professional Excellence
Ryan Gray Thinking Outside the Box: Crowdsourcing Graduate Students for Policy Innovation Introduction
Katie Geoghegan An Initiative for Collaborative Innovation in Canada’s Federal Public Sector
Chris Blackmore Breaking the “Consultocracy”: A Case for Management Consulting Reduction within the Federal Public Service