New Appreciation For How Complex It Can Be

Laura Saar is an MPP student at the University of Saskatchewan campus, and a 2015 intern at the City of Saskatoon

As a self-proclaimed policy freak, I have been handed an internship goldmine.

I work for the City of Saskatoon in the Community Standards Division of the Community Services Department.  This Division is brand new as of last year, so it has the unique advantage of being managed by a newly assembled team of people who have fresh perspectives on how to realize its mission.  This being said, many of the policies and programs the Division has absorbed have not been formalized or are in need of review.

My role and value here have been clear from the beginning.  I have been tasked with reviewing almost everything to do with public parking in Saskatoon and, where necessary, proposing ways the City can improve.  This includes programs and policies around residential parking, meter hooding, disabled parking, and even civic employee parking.  In some cases this has meant developing or re-writing entire programs.  Again: a goldmine.

Being so intensely focused on municipal parking policy for the past five months has given me a new appreciation for how complex it can be, and much respect for the people who manage it.  Best of all, I have no doubt that my contributions will be put to use in the future.  I look forward to experiencing the fruits of my labour on Saskatoon’s streets someday soon!

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