"As a signature event of the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy since 2008, the Tansley Lecture brings together the government, corporate and university communities for a thought provoking lecture and an evening of conversation and networking. In 2011, we introduced an annual Policy Research Poster Presentation to be held in conjunction with the Tansley Lecture and we are pleased to repeat the experience. During cocktail hour, students will present posters summarizing their research activities, with opportunity for extended discussion and engagement with those attending the lecture."
- Michael Atkinson, professor, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

The Policy Research Poster Competition is an excellent opportunity for JSGS students to prepare and present research resulting from their JSGS program work.  In the past, students have explored such issues as the federal government's Canada Health Transfer, resource revenue sharing, wind energy development, and economic growth and welfare dependency in Saskatchewan. 

Held in conjunction with the annual Tansley lecture (April), the poster competition provides students with an opportunity to showcase their work in front of a crowd of 300+ government, corporate and university stakeholders. Posters are presented to and evaluated by a panel of three judges during the afternoon session, and later again to those attending the cocktail hour. One representative from the winning team goes on to compete at the national IPAC poster competition.

Why submit a poster?

The Policy Research Poster Competition provides students with a great opportunity to:

  • Synthesize their research in a concise and presentable format;
  • Showcase their research in a public forum;
  • Gain experience presenting to members of the public, private and academic communities;
  • Network with future employers; and to
  • Compete against other policy students on a national level (if selected) for the annual National IPAC conference. (Note: registration fees to the conference are covered by IPAC, and travel expenses are covered by JSGS).

Who can enter?

The Policy Research Poster competition is open to all current JSGS students. Submissions can be made by individuals or groups after being recommended for competition by a JSGS professor.

How to enter

  1. Class submission:  Each year, JSGS classes incorporate posters into their coursework.  The best submissions are selected by the professors for inclusion to the JSGS Policy Research Poster Competition.  Check with your professors to confirm whether your class will be participating.
  2. Individual submissions:  If you are not participating in a class submission, you may submit an individual poster based on, for example, your thesis work or your work resulting from other JSGS program requirements. If you are interested in submitting an individual poster, please approach a faculty member as early as possible, who can provide advice for your work. In March, individual submissions will be selected for the competition by the faculty members based on the quality of submissions relative to that of other students’ submissions.

For any questions about the competition, please contact jsgs@uregina.ca or