Picture of  Kathleen McNutt

Kathleen McNutt PhD, MA, BA (hon) JSGS Faculty, U of R

Professor, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina campus

Areas of Interest

  • Digital government
  • Social Media
  • Policy Analysis
  • Program Evaluation


As a JSGS professor, Kathleen's current research interests focus on digital government, climate policy and energy. She is currently embarking on a research program looking at the impact of social media on policy processes, the public sector and governance. In addition, she is examining the potential of integrated digital strategies (web, mobile, social media) to improve public engagement. McNutt regularly facilitates workshops for the school's executive training program. Kathleen teaches various public policy courses at the school including policy analysis, advanced policy analysis, program evaluation and gender-based analysis. She has recently been published in such academic journals as Governance, Energy Policy, Internet and Policy, Journal of Information Technology & Politics, Canadian Public Policy, and Canadian Journal of Political Sciences.

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  • PhD, Simon Fraser University
  • MA, University of Alberta
  • BA, University of Regina 

Recent Grants/Awards

Recent Grants

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Small Nuclear Innovation Policy Partnership, $141,590. (Jeremy Rayner [principal investigator], Margot Hurlbert, Kathleen McNutt, Bram F. Noble Duane T. Bratt).
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). Leveraging Social Media in the Stem Cell Sector: Improving Public Engagement and Information Dissemination Strategies, 2014-2015, $48,000. (Kathleen McNutt [principal investigator], Timmothy Caulfield, Craig M. Gelowitz and Amy Zarzeczny).
  • Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC).  A Software Social Conscience Analysis Tool for the Petroleum Industry, 2013-1014, $146,400. (Craig M. Gelowitz  [principal investigator], Luigi Benedicenti and Kathleen McNutt).
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Energy Futures: Managing a Transition to Sustainable Energy in Saskatchewan, $239,000, 2009-13 (Jeremy Rayner [principal investigator], Margot Hurlbert, Tom McIntosh, Dena McMartin, Kathleen McNutt, Lisa Watson, and John McKenzie).
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Assessing Canada's Policy Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation: The Dynamics of Multi-Level, Multi-Sectoral Policy Making, $203,500, 2009-13 (Michael Howlett [principal investigator], Kathleen McNutt, Anthony Perl, Jeremy Rayner, Russell Williams, and Adam Wellstead).
  • University of Regina - President’s Conference Grant. Taking Charge: Towards an Integrated Energy Policy for Saskatchewan, $5,000. (Sole applicant)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Virtual Policy Networks, $105,000, 2004-2007. Canada Graduate Doctoral.  (Kathleen McNutt [principal investigator]).
  • Campus Saskatchewan - Technology-Enhanced Learning Grant. Public Policy Analysis Course Development, $15,000, 2006. (Sole applicant).

Recent Awards

  • SSRHC 4A Funding Award from the Office of the Vice-President ($5,000) (2011)
  • Canadian Political Science Association - Short-listed for Vincent Lemieux Best PhD Thesis (2007)
  • American Political Science Association - Winner of the Best Graduate Paper in information technology and politics (2005)
  • British Columbia Political Science Association - Winner of the Best PhD Essay Award (2005)

Select Publications

Peer-Reviewed Books

  • (2017) Margot Hurlbert, Kathleen McNutt and Jeremy Rayner. Generation West: Energy Policy in Western Canada. University of Regina Press. Forthcoming.
  • (2013) Michael Atkinson, Daniel Béland, Gregory Marchildon, Kathleen McNutt, Peter Phillips, and Ken Rasmussen. Governance and Public Policy in a Tense Union: A View from the Provinces. Toronto: University of Toronto. (208 pp)

Refereed Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • (2016) Justin Longo and Kathleen McNutt. Keystroke Analysis: Big Data and Policy Analysis. Policy Analysis in Canada: The State of the Art. Laurent Dobuzinskis. Michael Howlett, eds. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • (2015) Michael Atkinson and Kathleen McNutt. The Johnson-Shoyama Internship Program in Public Policy for the Curious: Why Study Public Policy? Kishor Vaidya, ed. The Curious Academic Publishing.
  • (2012) Kathleen McNutt and Jeremy Rayner. Nodality in Information Networks: A Discursive Institutionalist Account of Global Forest Governance in The Diffusion of Power in Global Governance: International Political Economy meets Foucault. Stefan Guzzini and Iver Neumann, eds. Palgrave. Pp 91-117.
  • (2010) Kathleen McNutt and Dan Perrins. Executive Mentoring and the Johnson-Shoyama Internship Program in Future Directions in Clinical/Practicum Education for the Professions. Edwin Ralph, Keith Walker, and Randy Wimmer, eds. Calgary: Temeron/Detselig Publishers. Pp.39-54.
  • (2009) Kathleen McNutt and Sara Hawryluk. Women and Climate Change Policy: Integrating Gender into the Agenda in Women and Public Policy in Canada: Recent Trends. Alexandra Dobrowolsky, ed. Toronto: Oxford University Press. Pp. 107-124.
  • (2008) Stephen McBride, Kathleen McNutt and Russell Williams. Policy Learning? The OECD and Its Jobs Study in The OECD and Global Governance. Rianne Mahon and Stephen McBride, eds. Vancouver: UBC Press.
  • (2007) Stephen McBride, Kathleen McNutt and Russell Williams.  Tracking Neo-liberalism: Labour Market Policies in the OECD Area in Neo-Liberalism, State Power and Global Governance. Simon Lee and Stephen McBride, eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Pp.79-93.
  • (2006) Kathleen McNutt. Virtual Policy Networks in The Encyclopedia of Digital Government. Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko and Matti Mälkiä, eds Finland: Idea Groups Inc. Pp. 1606-1611.

Non-refereed Publications


Current Research

  • Digital Government
  • Web governance
  • Social Media  
  • Policy analysis
  • Program evaluation
  • Network analysis
  • Climate Policy