Empowering Communities, Energizing the Nation: Scaling Up Renewable Energy Cooperatives in Canada

By: Marc-Andre Pigeon, JSGS; Martin Boucher, JSGS; Julie MacArthur, Royal Roads University; Derya Tarhan, University of Toronto; and Karen Miner, Saint Mary’s University

As the spectre of a climate crisis casts an increasingly worrisome global shadow, Canada has started to take action, setting a goal to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 20...

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Bound by the laws of growth: A Long-Term Global Perspective on Canada's Economic Performance

By: By Peter Nicholson, Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada; Former Inaugural President, Council of Canadian Academies

We might wonder if the economic trajectories of nations are determined by “laws of growth”, much as the law of gravity determines the trajectories of stars and planets. Clearly the...

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Coordinating Human Service Systems for the Vulnerable: Lessons from The Regina intersectoral Partnership (TRiP)

By: Akram Mahani, Assistant Professor, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS); Matthieu Petit, JSGS Master of Public Policy student; Wendy Stone, Crime Prevention Strategist, Regina Police Service; Lance Dudar, Retired Police Executive

Public administration organizes policy areas into separate departments or silos for the sake of order and efficiency, resulting in ‘departmentalism’, ‘tunnel vision’, and ‘single p...

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Looking Forward to the Past: Lessons for the Future of Medicare

By: Marc-Andre Pigeon, Assistant Professor, JSGS, and Director and Strategic Research Fellow, CCSC; Haizhen Mou, JSGS Professor; Natalie Kallio, CCSC Professional Research Associate

The sixtieth anniversary of Medicare (Boan 2006) came and went last year with almost no fanfare. The lack of celebration is not difficult to understand. While surveys indicate Cana...

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Access to Quality Healthcare for People who are Trans and Gender Diverse in Saskatchewan

By: Alana Cattapan (1), PhD, University of Waterloo; Gwen Rose (1), M.A., University of Saskatchewan; and Mel Reid, B.A., University of Saskatchewan, on behalf of the TRANS project team (2)

People who are trans and gender diverse (PTGD) are a medically underserved population in Saskatchewan. An overburdened healthcare system has struggled to provide access to care of...

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Low Indigenous Employment and “Deaths of Despair” in the Canadian Prairies

By: John Richards, Professor of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University

In all communities, whether defined by race, ethnicity, or class, an important dimension in explaining social pathologies, such as homicide and suicide, is low employment.

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