Access to Quality Healthcare for People who are Trans and Gender Diverse in Saskatchewan

By: Alana Cattapan, PhD, University of Waterloo; Gwen Rose, M.A., University of Saskatchewan; and Mel Reid, B.A., University of Saskatchewan, on behalf of the TRANS project team

People who are trans and gender diverse (PTGD) are a medically underserved population in Saskatchewan. An overburdened healthcare system has struggled to provide access to care of...

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Low Indigenous Employment and “Deaths of Despair” in the Canadian Prairies

By: John Richards, Professor of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University

In all communities, whether defined by race, ethnicity, or class, an important dimension in explaining social pathologies, such as homicide and suicide, is low employment.

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Saskatchewan and the Nuclear Option: Addressing Climate Change through Nuclear Electricity Innovation

By: Margot Hurlbert, Canada Research Chair in Climate Change, Energy and Sustainability Policy and JSGS Professor; Abimbola Ojo, JSGS PhD Candidate; Francisco Sahagun, JSGS MPP Student; Tanushree Das, JSGS MPP Student; Charisse Vitto, U of R MA Student

The global impacts of climate change have become increasingly evident. Whether it's massive flooding in Pakistan, drought and rapidly declining river flows across Europe and the U....

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Reforming the RCMP: The Path Forward

By: Kevin Lynch, former Vice-Chair of BMO Financial Group and former Clerk of the Privy Council; and Jim Mitchell, Adjunct Professor, Carleton University and former Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Machinery of Government

Few Canadians would disagree with the statement that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, probably Canada’s most iconic institution, is in trouble. But beyond a cacophony of public c...

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Repairing Health Care in Canada: Time to Take the First Step

By: Peter Nicholson, Chair of the Board, Canadian Climate Institute; Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada; Former Inaugural President, Council of Canadian Academies

The commitment of Canadians to a publicly funded, universally accessible health care system is beyond question. But the failure of the system to meet the needs and expectations of ...

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The Truckers Convoy: Examining the Consequences for Canada

By: Dale Eisler, Policy Fellow, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy; Kevin Lynch, former Clerk of the Privy Council, and former Vice-Chair BMO Financial

Take your pick how you want to describe the so-called Truckers Convoy, whether you feel sympathetic or repelled, one thing is certain—in the eyes of the world Canada’s stature has ...

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