Program Goals

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) Student Placement provides partners with an opportunity to have an MHA student support a health policy project, under the supervision of a mentor from within the partner organization. The total time commitment from the student should be the approximate equivalent of one month of full-time work, but that can be spread out over the course of a semester. In-person and remote projects are supported, and both must involve active mentorship. Compensation is not required but is always welcomed.

Examples of potential projects are:

  • Environmental scans of other jurisdictions to determine best practices
  • Program or policy review
  • Identifying strategies or further actions required
  • Developing a resource hub
  • Comparative reviews
  • Framework development

Partnering Organizations

The MHA Placement is an opportunity for students to apply what they are learning in their coursework to a current health policy, administration, or system-related issue. Students receive class credit upon successful completion of the Placement and the associated academic deliverables.

The Placement is student initiated and must be with an approved partner organization. Examples of eligible partner organizations include but are not limited to:

  • provincial/territorial ministries of health
  • regional health authorities
  • hospitals, pharmacies
  • emergency medical response teams
  • public health offices
  • private healthcare delivery organizations
  • health information organizations

Application Process

Both public and private organizations are potentially eligible for approval, but partner organizations cannot currently apply for a student. The application process is a follows:

  • Student reaches out to a potential mentor to see if there is an appropriate policy project available
  • The student and mentor agree on a proposed project and timing of the Placement
  • The student prepares and submits a Placement Proposal to the Student Experience Officer at JSGS
  • The Proposal is reviewed for suitability and capacity
  • Approved Placements will have a formal contract that outlines the responsibilities of the student, the agency, and the University.