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May Yeung BA, MBA Professional Affiliates, U of S

Professional Affiliate, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan;

Areas of Interest

  • International economics
  • Export policy
  • GMO regulations
  • International trade agreements


An economist/analyst with over twenty years experience in economic research, analysis and assessment, focusing upon international economics, regulatory and policy issues. Particular emphasis has been placed on the impact that changing competitive and regulatory environments can have on the practical aspects of exports, marketing and business development for industries, producers, countries and/or consumers. Recent work includes the impact asynchronous approvals of residue limits of pesticides have on global agri-food trade; the effect traceability systems have on the livestock industry in terms of export markets, consumer demands, competitiveness and export development; how government policy and international regulation of the health food industry affects consumers, developers and marketers of such products in different countries; the impact geographic indications have on exporters and consumers in international markets; the effects GMO regulations have on market access and exports and; various assessments of the economic implications and impacts of recent international trade agreements.

Select Publications


  • Hobbs, J.E., S. Malla, E. Sogah and M.T. Yeung (2014) Regulating Health Foods: Policy Challenges and Consumer Conundrums, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

    Kimbugwe, K., N. Perdikis, M.T. Yeung and W.A. Kerr (2012) Economic Development Through Regional Trade: A Role for the New East African Community? Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.


  • Yeung, M.T., J. Rude, L.J. Loppacher and W.A. Kerr (2005) ‘Beyond Cancún – Can Brazil and Canada Find Common Cause in Shaping a New Institutional Architecture for Agricultural Trade?’ in W.A. Kerr and J.D. Gaisford (eds.) Trade Negotiations in Agriculture: A Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada, Calgary: University of Calgary Press, p.1-24.

    Yeung, M.T., L.J. Loppacher and W.A. Kerr (2004) ‘The Short and Long Term Effects of the US Move to Preferential Trade Agreements’ in Xuto, N. (ed.) Brainstorming on Convergence of Preferential Trading Arrangements and the Multilateral Trading System, Bangkok: International Institute for Trade and Development, p.113-132, also available here.

Refereed Articles

  • Viju, C., M.T. Yeung and W.A. Kerr (2014) ‘Zero Tolerance for GM Flax and the Rules of Trade’, The World Economy, 37(1), p.137-150.

    Viju, C., M.T. Yeung and W.A. Kerr (2013) ‘Geographical Indications, Conflicted Preferential Agreements and Market Access’, Journal of International Economic Law, 16(2), pp.409-437, July.

    Viju, C., M.T. Yeung and W.A. Kerr (2012) ‘The Trade Implications of the Post-Moratorium European Union Approval System for Genetically Modified Organisms?’, Journal of World Trade, 46(5), October.

    Khorana, S., M.T. Yeung, W.A. Kerr and N. Perdikis (2012) ‘The Battle over the EU’s Proposed Humanitarian Trade Preferences for Pakistan: A Case Study in Multifaceted Protectionism’, Journal of World Trade, 46(1), February.

Technical Reports/Briefs

  •  Yeung, M.T., W.A. Kerr, B. Coomber and Bryant Christie (2016) Opportunities to Mitigate Trade Uncertainties Related to MRLs, prepared for the Canola Council of Canada.

    Boecker, A., J. Hobbs, W.A. Kerr and M.T. Yeung (2013) Traceability: Regulatory Requirements and Consumer Acceptance, prepared for Canadian Food Insights, April.

Current Courses

  • JSGS 872 International Trade and Commercial Policy