Nataliaa Karpiak, MPA Student (Photo submitted)
Nataliaa Karpiak, MPA Student (Photo submitted)

Working within the Ministry of Government Relations

Nataliaa Karpiak, MPA candidate, is currently interning at the Ministry of Government Relations, Policy and Program Services Branch.

My name is Nataliia Karpiak. In September 2019, I started my internship at the Ministry of Government Relations. I work at the Policy and Program Services Branch, which has three units: Legislation & Regulations, Property Tax & Assessment, and Policy & Business Intelligence. My mentor is the Executive Director of the branch. The Director of Policy & Business Intelligence is a co-mentor with whom I also meet regularly.

I receive tasks from three directors and assist a diverse project within their portfolios. The advantage of having been able to work across different units is being able to receive experience in totally different areas, including work with amendments to legislation, project management, taxation, and supported programs and services. At the ministry, I have the opportunity to be present at monthly senior leadership meetings and see different leadership styles in action. I have also interviewed some directors and executive directors on their leadership experience. By doing this, I have gotten great insight and useful tips for self-development while having interesting and inspired conversations.

I work on legislative and regulatory amendment development and analysis. I also completed inter-jurisdictional research and analysis, support Data and Digital Project Management (PM) at the Business Intelligence unit (prepare key PM documents, part of rotating, focus group engagement). I prepare briefing notes and referrals that are requested. Being naturally an active person, I took an initiative and worked on ministry-wide initiatives, including the Barrier Busting project, Learning and Development Committee, Health and Wellness Committee, presentation of the survey findings to ministerial leaders.

I strongly recommend the internship to all current students. It is a great opportunity to challenge own ambitions, apply gained knowledge into practice, get experience, build a professional network and earn credibility.