Germany’s “Energy Transformation” (Energiewende) is becoming well-known. Germany has increased renewable energy to more than 27% of consumption, and aims for 80% by 2050. Less well-known is the role of community-level social entrepreneurship and innovation in achieving these targets. This presentation considers what we can learn from nearly 900 citizen energy co-operatives incorporated in Germany in less than a decade. How do theories of innovation need to expand to reflect the new dynamics of an age of sustainability?

Dr. Brett Fairbairn is a professor in governance and leadership at the JSGS and is based at the University of Saskatchewan. His research and teaching include the history and interdisciplinary study of democracy, social movements, and co-operative enterprises in Canada and around the world. He has more than one hundred popular and academic publications, including his most recent book, Co-operative Canada: Empowering Communities and Sustainable Businesses. Brett is a past recipient
of the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, the Rhodes Scholarship, and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal recognizing his academic and public contributions to Saskatchewan.

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10:30 AM - 12:00 PM CST
Saskatoon: Prairie Room, Diefenbaker Centre, University of Saskatchewan / Regina: Room 210, 2 Research Drive, University of Regina
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