CSIP Research Forum ~ Novel Artificial Intelligence Imaging Analytics and Policy Questions: Insights from a Knowledge Exchange Workshop

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The Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy (CSIP) invites all students, faculty and researchers interested in the study of science, technology and innovation policy to participate in a bi-weekly research forum.

PRESENTED BY: Amy Zarzeczny, JSGS Associate Professor

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast-moving field with wide-ranging implications. One promising application is the use of AI-based imaging analytics for diagnostic purposes, such as for lung cancer. However, in addition to its considerable technical complexities, the use of this technology in both research and clinical spheres raises various legal and policy issues including those related to consent, liability and access, among others. These are just some of the topics being explored in a research project titled “Improving Lung Cancer Diagnostics with Novel Artificial Intelligence Imaging Analytics”, funded by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research. As part of this larger project and together with JSGS colleague Dr. Justin Longo, Professor Amy Zarzeczny is exploring ethical, legal and policy issues surrounding the development and use of AI in diagnostic imaging. In this research forum, Zarzeczny will provide an overview of this project and discuss the results of a recent Knowledge Exchange Workshop, which was a key project deliverable. Two objectives of this interdisciplinary workshop were, first, to draw on the expertise of project members and stakeholders to identify opportunities, challenges and priorities for the development and implementation of novel AI imaging analytics for lung cancer diagnostics and, second, to explore associated policy options.

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11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST
CB308, College Avenue Campus, University of Regina; Canada Room, 101 Diefenbaker Building, University of Saskatchewan
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