JSGS Research Brown Bag Lunch Series

Video Conference

Each month, these informal Zoom gatherings provide JSGS faculty members, researchers, and students the opportunity to showcase and discuss their research, and to encourage collaboration.

Dr. Dave McGrane, colleague of JSGS, will be joining us via Zoom to talk about his latest anthology, which he has assembled with Roy Ramonow, John Whyte, and Russell Isinger, documenting the impact and historical relevance of of 1970s and 80s Premier, Allen Blakeney.

Title: Back to Blakeney: The Revitalization of the Democratic State

Abstract: Allan Blakeney believed in government as a force for good. As premier of Saskatchewan, he promoted social justice through government intervention in the economy and the welfare state. He created legal and constitutional structures that guaranteed strong human rights, and he safeguarded the integrity of the voting system to support a robust democracy. Blakeney encouraged excellence in public administration to deliver the best possible services and used taxes to help secure equality of opportunity. In Back to Blakeney, a diverse set of scholars reflects on Blakeney’s achievements, as well as his constitutional legacy—namely, the notwithstanding clause—and explores the challenges facing democracy today.

Event Details

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM CST


Karen Jaster-Laforge