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Science, technology and innovation policy is essential in shaping our future. Translating the narrative into clear options, strategies and outcomes is necessary, but far from simple.

Presented by Dr. Kyle Bobiwash, Assistant Professor and Indigenous Scholar, Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba

Evidence-based decision-making has long been a challenge throughout the history of society. Over time knowledge systems have developed to meet the needs, desires and aspirations of societies. Understanding the variety of components that go into knowledge system delineation is important to drive innovation and equity in how we manage ourselves and the fellow inhabitants of our planet. Ecological research can serve as a reparational opportunity while simultaneously improving our understanding of reciprocal links and responsibility to the ecosystems we inhabit.

About our speaker: 

Dr. Kyle Bobiwash, a member of Mississauga First Nation, is an Assistant Professor and an Indigenous Scholar in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Manitoba. At the University of Manitoba, his lab focuses on understanding the ecology of beneficial insects in agro-ecosystems and the greater landscape. Their goal is to better characterize the landscape and resources utilized by insects to understand how land management affects plant and insect communities. Dr. Bobiwash is actively improving programming within the university and the federal government to enhance the science/agricultural/ecological capacity of Indigenous people and their communities, as well as to improve Indigenous representation in STEM fields to enhance equitable decision making and knowledge creation in Canada.

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12:00 PM - 01:00 PM CST
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